Smaller speakers for my smaller room?!?

I’ve been here before (asking about my ProAc D2R) but do folk here think a smaller speaker could reap better results in what I consider a rather small listening room? (5.8m x 3.8m)*

  • I thought it was slightly smaller than this but I’ve just measured it to be sure.

Plus, I still really want to be rid of the satin white ProAcs, for their finish/colour not necessarily their sound.

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Smaller speakers tend to be less troublesome than larger speakers with the obvious loss in bass. Do you want less bass?

If you’re not happy with the sound, change them, if you don’t like the colour change them, you don’t have a small listening room.


In what respect are you hoping for ‘better results’?
Also, are you using them with your Nova? If so, I would say that your ProAcs have a lot more to give with better electronics in front of them.

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No, in fact I have a KEF KC62 sub connected to the ProAcs and it, after much tinkering and tweaking of the crossover and gain settings, works extremely well.

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Yes, the colour mostly is what’s not right. Which sounds rather a flimsy reason to swap them out, but my listening room is slowly beginning to look and feel right for my own decorative taste, bar the anomalous satin white things glaring back at me as I type!

Hypocritically ignoring the white satin cube thing lurking to the left of my field of vision, the KC62, which has a pass out because it’s less obtrusive than the ProAcs.

This factor, the “better electronics” one, is a recurring theme it seems, and one I’m trying to offset and avoid, perhaps erroneously, by focusing on CD transport and server changes instead.

The general consensus does seem to be tilted towards, at the very least, a Supernait 2 or 3 with added separate streamer (something I don’t use much at present).

My playback preferences are vinyl (LP12 with only some basic-ish embellishments, though decent MC cart) and my newly acquired Marantz SA8005. Streaming is by some considerable distance a third choice.

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I believe the Nova digitises the analogue inputs so your LP12 is digital :astonished::wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand. I would draw up a list of speakers/finishes that are desirable and take it from there, but not necessary to downsize. When I had a Nova I ran it with Spendor A4 and PMC Twenty5 23, several finishes are available, my room is much the same dimensions as yours. If you prefer standmounts lots of alternatives exist.

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Yes, I’m aware of that, though I have no idea how to qualitatively measure or assess this fact without testing the analogue input of an amp alongside it.

I don’t think a better server is going to give you sound quality improvements remotely comparable to what you can achieve with improved amplification.

I recall when I had a Superuniti (predecessor to the Nova) driving Kudos X2s in a rather difficult room with really bad bass nodes, and a big null in the listening position. The bass was almost non-existent when you sat on the sofa, and really exaggerated if you stood in the doorway. I had experimented a great deal with speaker positioning, basic room treatments etc, none of which really helped that much. Then I swapped the Superuniti for an NDX/282/200. The problems I had attributed to the room acoustics almost completely disappeared.


The ‘classic’ small room loudspeaker is the little BBC monitor, the LS3/5A (which spawned a number of copies, such as Linn’s Kan).

I have just ordered a new pair from the Oxford-based Falcon Acoustics and I’m looking forward very much to their arrival. The Falcon website is helpful and informative, and they have quite a few dealers around.


I do like ProAc speakers and started with a pair of D2D speakers with my Nait XS 2 with a ND5XS streamer. I loved the the music while using the D2’s.

Have you considered talking with a dealer about a possible trade in for a new or used pair in a finish that you prefer? You could also consider changing to a pair of D20R speakers which may help with the bass and you can remove the sub.

Moving to a SuperNait could improve the bass as well but then you would need to address the streamer.

If you enjoy the ProAc sound their are options available.


I have a similar experience right now. My room sounds fairly even but like almost any untreated rooms, it does have a few bass bumps and holes. A lot of experimenting with speaker positioning (even moving some furniture back & forth) improved things considerably but did not cured it completely.

I replaced my 200 with a 250DR a little more than a week ago and the remaining bass issues of my room (so I thought) seem to have gone. The speakers are an easy load so the 200 wasn’t stressed at all but the change in this aspect is significant. I can’t get my head around it yet but I’m happy with it obviously.


Yes, that’s a good suggestion. I think I’ll stay with stand mounts, just in terms of my room lay out, not necessarily it’s size.

I did have a pair of PMC 25/24 but they didn’t work out for me. A few seem to say that 25/24i is the one, though.

This does seem to be the natural progression from my Nova. As said above, the streamer isn’t a paramount issue, so though I’ll miss my Nova screen should I move it on, I won’t be heading to an NDX2 anytime soon. CD and vinyl still rule here.

For me it was the preamp upgrade that resolved the bass issues in my room. Superuniti to 282 is quite a big jump, of course, but it surprised me that it could resolve this particular issue. Of course, we don’t know if this is a problem for the OP.


Yes but it isn’t noticeable .

I have a Nova and I’ve been up :arrow_up: and down :arrow_down: the Naim chain, I’ m extremely happy with it in a small room, not dissimilar to the OP.

What the Nova needs is the Powerline , I use it with Witch :woman_mage: Hat :tophat: Phantoms and the total sound is more than pleasing for the levels I play my music :notes: and the type of music :notes:.

I have Harbeth P3ESR and I would guess there is little difference in performance.

I would consider a sub woofer to add bass

I don’t think the room is particularly small, mine is slightly smaller and I play across the shorter length. Low ceiling too.

I’ve variously had a Nova, SN2 and 252/250 set up in this room. Totem Hawks with the Nova and Forest Signatures with the other. All of these have worked, just with better dynamics, control, detail etc as you go up the range. System balance is the key. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want big speakers that need more air to move that the room has!


If your speakers are harmonising with your room (and visuals are as important as vocals) why not consider something like KEF or ATC and you could match the speakers and a sub woofer

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I would try the ATC small SCM7 sealed against the Kef LS50 Meta…and make sure you have a good power cord for Nova…like Powrline or Russ Andrews Evolution 500… if you have the money try the PMC25.21i speaker…they are tight and fast… I would also invest in good stands such as the Solid Steel tripod type which are excellent… subs are a future thing to look at get fundamentals right 1st…

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