Smart meter and dedicated spur

Hi all. My naim system is fed from 3 dedicated spurs split as the mains enters the premises. I’m away at the moment and the electricity company arrived to install a smart meter upstream from this - I have just told them to revert it until I know more about whether it will effect the sound of the hifi. Is there a consensus on this in the forum?

I can’t say I heard any noticeable difference to the performance of my system (via a dedicated CU and radial) when i had a Smart Meter fitted.

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Nothing noticeable for me either

Personal choice.
I’ve been offered a smart meter too many times to realise it’s more in their interest than mine and always decline.
I’ve no problem typing in a number once a month and I keep control at my end and not paying to sent them constant data.


The meter itself isn’t that smart. The bit near your mains is basically a clamp meter (or at least it is here) so doesn’t physically touch the mains cable that runs through it. But the cellular communications that call the mothership are another matter. I believe in the UK they use old GSM bands so broadcast RF. On the other hand there is already a flood of RF hitting the mains so it probably makes no difference.


Yes, I initially thought that. Always just kept up to date on the meter readings and didn’t see a reason to get one fitted. I gave in once the good tariffs (when we used to have a choice) were only available on condition of fitting a smart meter.

We’re digressing from the OP’s original question…

The dangling of the carrot reinforces my opinion. :thinking:
To bring it back I’d think anything in the power at source would have some effect “ whether we hear it or not “
After all the unit gets powered from somewhere with its own power supply “ maybe wall wart quality at best.”
Defeats the purpose of nothing before the system.


Such is life.

I’m very Skeptikal. :rofl:


This topic gets discussed from time to time and I have always read them carefully. I don’t think anyone has ever actually said they heard any degradation in their hifi performance following a smart meter installation.

Also it really isn’t anything to do with not having to read the meters once a month. Apart from access to new variable tariffs that are likely to get more interesting now the energy cost crisis is moving us all away from being slammed hard into the Government price ceiling, you get lots of information about what you are spending on energy and when. This is interesting and useful (and definitely does have a downward effect ones energy usage). But you can just forget about that if you want and can afford to.

In the UK the electricity meter is powered from the incoming mains supply. It’s actually a very high quality supply because these things are supposed to last 15 years without the need for attention. The gas meter supply is a battery which is designed to last ten years between battery changes. The In Home Display does have a wall wart type of battery charger, but you can just turn that off if you want to. The IHD is not part of the actual meter and it’s only purpose is to give you access to your metering data.


Thanks all.

In my area in the UK, the smart meter was installed via a clamp meter to the main incoming cable to the Consumer Unit. There is no actual physical connection.

My dedicated Hi-Fi mains Consumer unit was fitted after this juncture. That way they capture all the electricity coming into the house.


No noticeable effects from smart meter here. My gas smart smart meter has never worked, the electric meter works ok (SMETS1).
I’m not sure the estimated £11b rollout is good value for the consumer.

No noticable effects at all.

Plus 1 for NNEs.

I don’t know what area of the UK that is, but such an installation wouldn’t be compliant with current standards, so I expect that will be replaced sooner or later. The SMETS2 smart meter replaces the conventional (“old-fashioned”) meter.

It is quite old, it was one of the early ones.


One noticeable effect a smart meter may have is… A big increase in your electric bill!

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Have just been advised that my meters are approaching the end of their certification period. Really don’t want a smart meter. Options?

It’s a con to force you to change I’ve had all that and said no. :-1:t2: