Smart meter and dedicated spur

No to the change or no to just the start meter?

They were only bothered about fitting a smart meter they said my meter was quite old and I said if you think it’s not accurate can I put a claim in about overcharging me.
I said point blank if you continue to harass me about a smart meter you can cut me off and I’ll go elsewhere.
They just shuffled off mumbling you’ll have to change sometime.


What? How do you make that out?

Blimey, it’s like a Luddite convention. It’s only a bloody meter. Get it and be done with it.


Nah. It’s another way of collecting data over your front door when there’s no need to do so. As repeatedly gets pointed out, if the service is free then you are the product. This strikes me as a small battle worth having.


I’m sure they will break in while you are out and fit you with a pre-pay meter instead.

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One of the advantages of both of us largely working from home. “Out” where the house is empty is a rare thing.

One benefit is a freshening up of the connections and a clean up of the incoming (in my case 100 amp fuse) . Regards the actual features ,it reminds me to switch off the power amps when not in use and extend their life .

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