Smart TV keeps telling me to setup internet (which I don't want)

Whilst true, you could also just buy a TV and chose not to connect it to the internet. It would be nice to have an option in the setup where you could tick a box that says “don’t bother me with updates or anything,I accept the device as it is.”
That’s what OP wants and he/she finds it annoying that option is not there. That’s all he/she is saying. Valid point imho. But nuff said about this.

This is a supply and demand decision, of the millions of smart TV’s shipped, the percentage of owners or potential owners that actively wish to not connect it to anything is almost certainly tiny and not worth the CE manufacturer’s time and effort to have a physical kill switch on the device.
Did I mention you can just buy a monitor? :melting_face:
I know it’s Friday and all that but, not sure I can cope with a circular argument today!

Yup,you did. And did I mention that’s not the point? :melting_face:
Like I said,enough from me about this. 1st world problems. :wink:

Ir certainly would, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. I’m looking at a new Sony TV which runs on Google something or other. So presumably Google will give the OS and Apps at a discount rate (or even free) to Sony, with Google knowing that it has all that data to sell on.

The OP also wants sound (yes I know that can be connected externally) but then has multiple boxes whereas I understand what is for tea it is just the single box with a screen on it. I fully understand what the OP is wanting and sympathise with his/her frustration. All too many things are made with what manufacturers think people want, or what some people want but not everybody wants. Unfortunately for those of us who sometimes really do in NOT want some of those features, we are stuck with him I have to put up with it.

Then there is the added (and in some cases more significant) annoyance, that after a few years the TV smart apps will cease to work, having become unsupported, and you lose features that you might have bought the TV for. Sadly we live in a disposable society where you just have to fill away a perfectly good TV and buy a new one if you want to maintain all the features you might want. Perhaps the OP’s desire is actually better!

I am with the others here. If its new, its probably looking for its initial software update. Just connect it to the internet, let it update and then disconnect it. It shouldn’t prompt you for further updates as it won’t know they exist

My sony has an option in the menu to switch off wi fi, so if i choose not to connect the ethernet cable as well its dumb again😁

However 4k tv is glorious and i need to stream that

I really started this thread as an observation / complaint about modern TV’s. (I wondered whether to put the thread in “Home Theater " or “Lounge”). I am use to computers and some of the programs I use have an option “Do not show this warning again”. I wish the Philips did that.
My Sony Bravia broke (it was 32inch and cost £1500 over 10 years ago) and I just wanted a new 32” TV with multiple inputs. I did not want a smart TV but knew it was inevitable and decided on the Philips (32" inches at £300) that had no microphone or camera and also three inputs (I need them for Satellite, BluRay and Playstation). Its amazing value compared with 10 years ago.
I am quite happy with it (and my son says it has a much better picture than the old Sony. The sound is worse.). But I find it annoying that it will suddenly in the middle of a program say “Continue Setup – Connect to Internet”).
As far as I can see in the menus there is no “Turn Off Internet” option. If I connect it to the internet I will use a long cable.
However I think I will just live with it. It does what I want in terms of a TV in the dining room (I have a Panasonic Plasma in the front room with a Denon home cinema system).
But it would be nice, as I said, to have a “Do not ask me again” option (which would be about 10 lines of software).

I have two LG Smart TVs. Same model, but different sizes. Before I had them I thought I wouldn’t want my TVs connected to the internet, but I changed my mind. I have everything else connected (computers, phones, iPads, AppleTVs, etc) so I connected the TVs too. I love it that way. I get everything I need without set-top boxes (except the AppleTV) and it all stays in sync between the two TVs. I start wtaching something on one, and can resume on the other, etc.

I guess if it’a a bad thing to connect my TVs then I should start disconnecting everything else too.

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It’s interesting to read this thread, as based on my recent experience I was going to start one. Since buying our Panasonic a few years ago it’s effectively been used as a monitor for our Virgin box, with the sound going via optical to the stereo.

We decided recently to ditch Virgin and rely on Freeview. The TV remote has a Frreview play button and I’ve discovered that all the available on demand stuff is there, simply arranged and much easier to find than on Virgin. The only problem was how to record shows to watch later, which is important to us even though most of it can be found on catch up. Usually it’s a film that we record. I thought I’d need to buy a recording box with hard drive but on investigation it seemed that you can record from the programme guide if you have a USB drive attached. So I bought a 1Tb SSD and plugged it into the back. Now it’s case of telling the TV to record and off it goes. Fewer boxes, fewer wires and fewer remotes. Fantastic.

I’m sure everyone else knows you can do this and has been doing so for ten years, but as a Virgin user I’ve not needed to. Absolutely brilliant. For us, it all works like a dream and being able to record directly from the TV onto an SSD is just great.


I’m sure most smart tellys use Wi-Fi to connect to t’tinternet.
No long cables needed.

That’s interesting to know Nigel. We’ve had Virgin for years, but I’m starting to question its value given what we actually need from the service. Did you ditch Virgin Internet too ?

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Maybe they could add this option with a software update :smiling_imp:


If I decide to connect to the internet (as a temporary measure to update the firmware) I will use a long cable so that I can disconnect it afterwards. (If I was to use wifi I would have to change the password on the router to a temporary value at the start and then change it back afterwards. Otherwise the TV would remain connected to the wifi. I have a lot of devices – streamers, mobile-phones, laptops – using the current wifi password).

I suspect the “Do not ask me again” option is not available because Philips (probably) gets a subsidy for including some of the streaming options.

Having made all these points I can live with the new TV – it’s just a bit annoying to get the message (and it seems to happen every day or two).

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Hello James. It was problems with Virgin Broadband that started the saga. It went off for about eight hours four days on the trot. Their customer service was hopeless and after one guy was downright rude I decided enough was enough. The contract runs until mid September but I was so fed up with the flaky connection that we moved to Plusnet, whose customer service could not be nicer. We now only get 23Mb rather than 100, but you only need 5 I order to stream catch up TV and on demand. We have set the Plusnet router to modem mode and still use our Asus mesh system like before.

We are paying £38 per month for Virgin and this avoids the pathetic end of contract ritual, without which it would be over £60. Plusnet costs £22.99 a month, and of course the TV is entirely free.

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That’s probably being generous! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I rarely got the advertised 100Mb and that’s when it was working!

Leaving was unbelievably hard and prolonged. No matter what I did I couldn’t get a formal notice of disconnection - cutting a long story short I emailed the UK CEO with the whole sorry tale and it was sorted within in a week’s time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Nigel. That’s certainly food for thought. Virgin has been pretty fault free so far for us, but given the actual amount of channels we watch and that we don’t need fast broadband, I think it’s time to have a look around.

I think in this particular thread with this TV model, this issue is taken care of by

I looked for a replacement and have ended up with a Philips (32" inch). I wanted the absolute minimal amount of “smart” tv so it does not have a microphone or a camera.

I’ve seen the difficulty a new smart TV posed to an old lady in her nineties … A lady with impaired seeing and hearing .

Her b***h of a daughter didn’t help …

For the last ten plus years , I have used my TV as a monitor, signal from Sky, a decent Blu Ray player…

Plus the audio signal from my Sky :milky_way: Box :package: gets fed into my UnitiQute as a DAC , then into my audio system

Oh and an Apple :apple: TV if I need to fall back.

Why do I need a full internet ready TV :tv:?

I can get a 4 k monitor at a size that normally would be full HD TV at best .


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