Smoking Hi Cap

Last night, as I was listening through my old Naim gear, the Hi Cap started smoking. Time to replace the caps. Is it possible to do this myself?

Get it properly serviced by an approved Naim servicer such as Class A, or the Naim factory.

Any DIY discussion falls outside of forum AUP.

You might think Richard would say that as Forum Moderator, but I can assure you his advice is always excellent, and I would strongly advise to follow that recommendation. Class A are also brilliant, and you can do it all through couriers which a quick turnaround. They also do more than just replace the Caps, and you will get years of use after without worrying, not to mention the SQ improvement you may get.

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And you will find the smoke from the hicap is distracting. The smell too.
Talk to Class A who can arrange the pick up and drop off if you’re not local to them.

The smell was really something else!

I unfortunately don’t have a Naim amp for my NAC 62 & Hi Cap to drive. Back in 2010, my 140 was in for service as there was some switchover in the USA service center. They apparently lost my amp in the change. I didn’t follow up for some forgotten reason. Given I don’t have a proper amp, the sound quality coming out of my gear is limited. Yes, I know the solution is to get a Naim amp, but probably not going to happen.

I use a 72/hc to drive a non naim power amp. Perhaps not ideal, but I have invested heavily in power amp. And, more importantly like its sound. I’d expect I’d have to go to a nap500 to get something similar. Or that us what my dealer has said. But I’m happy with it.

What kind of cable do you have going into the power amp? My amp takes 6.35 mm plugs.

I use a din to RCA female converter. Then regular,albeit Chord signature RCA cables into the power amp.
Power amp is a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 300. Significantly modified. Rated around 420 w/ ch rms.

Transformers are not immune to going up in smoke. It’s rare but I had one go in a lab instrument (Perkin Elmer GC headspace sampler) and it didn’t take out the fuse nor trip the lab isolator. That’s one in forty years but you don’t forget the smell. It did trigger the smoke detectors.

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