SN1/CD5 upgrade

I have a SN1 and CD5 both of which I’m happy with. However what is the best way to improve this combo (without getting rid of them and going for a new combo!). I’ve read about high caps and wondering if I just need one for the SN1 or do I need one for the CD player as well? Thank you and seasons greetings,

Hello Andy,

Merry, merry! I had this very combination for many years. You don’t need a Hicap on the CD5; however, it’s a nice upgrade for the SN1. A Hicap is also a prerequisite for the 282/250 combo, which is where I landed. (And, in my humble opinion, should be your next port of call if you decide to upgrade.)

The CD5 is a great source – I’ve had mine for 17 years now! One thing I’d suggest is to get the latest puck, which doesn’t have the rubber grommets that fail periodically/regularly. I’ve been using the new “Clamp” for a while now, and all’s well.


you do
most will say to upgrade the source first if you get a cap

or you could get a flatcat for a smaller upgrade to both units for very little cost (except the cords)

When I had an SN1 I always used it with a HiCap and would not have bought the SN1 without the HC. (I did try.) Subsequently, I had the HC upgraded to DR with another major boost in SQ. For me SN1/HC challenges a 200 level set. So I’d start looking for a HC.

On the CD player front, I had a CD5XS and upgraded that by using it as transport into nDAC. I think you need a source at that level to do justice to the amp. Adding a PS to your CD5 might do that, but you could also look at a nDAC with a cheap, but good non-Naim transport such as a Meridian 200.


Thank you all for replying. Looking into a hiCap DR for my SN1

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