SN1 vs SN2

I have the opportunity to buy again my Supernait 2011!
I loved this integrated amplifier.
When the SN2 came out, I remember preferring the first version, who had something more exciting in my ear.
What are your opinions between SN1 and SN2?

I’ve had my Supernait since December 2008, it partnered a CDX2.
Overall & specifically with the Supernait I was highly delighted with improved detail & dynamics, especially so considering it was replacing an Audiolab 8000a+8000px bi-amped with 60w + 100w.
I used the DAC for TV sound (not the best DAC) I also use it to drive a Nait-2 in another room from the buffered Tape Out.
The CDX2 was replaced with an NDX & now I use its DAC for TV sound (much better).
When the SN2 came out I had a dealer audition, OK it was a nice amp, but I was not convinced, the sound was slightly different but was not ‘better’ IMO & the loss of the ability to feed the Nait-2 made the decision to stay with the Supernait.

To my ears the SN1 has more ‘boogie’ factor but the SN2 sounds more refined - it depends what your preference is.

I prefer SN1 but that’s just my preference - I know that many other members here prefer SN2 so the other way to know for sure is to listen for yourself.

If you buy the SN1 for a good price you should be able to resell it for little loss.

I’ve had a SN1 for about ten years and last year had a demo between it and the SN2 using a HiCap DR.

Bottom line was IMHO that the SN2 was about the same as the SN1 with a HiCap and slightly better than that combo when itself powered by a HiCap. Better meant slightly more detail but no more enjoyable.

The difference wasn’t worth the extra investment so I put the money into a new pair of speakers which was a great improvement over what I had been using.

That’s the message from my dealer. Almost word for word.

What speakers did you move to?

B&W 805D3 (from Allaes). I loved the Allaes but love the B&W’s even more.

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