If I add a 250dr and use the SN as a pre amp only, will the headphone amp still work when plugging phones in?

I see no reason to not too. Have you tried ?

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I’ve not bought the 250 yet!

A quick look inthe manual gives me the impression that this should work fine, there is even mentioning of changing the configuration of the SN to be able to use both: speakers and headphones.

Thank you Klout.

@Mike_S should respond. @seakayaker too.

…nothing to add, since I do not have headphones and happy with the integrated amp for a four box system. I have not attempted to add a separate pre-amp to the SN2. @Mike_S has headphones and I believe has added a 3rd part Power AMP to the SN2 but not sure about a pre-amp.

My understanding is that it will work as you intend, but I haven’t actually tried myself. I use a dedicated headphone amp connected directly to the NDX2 and use the SN2 for speaker playing. The headphone amp (Heed Canalot and Obselik power supply) is well above the SN2 headphone stage.

Please let us know how the 250 goes of the SN2, I’d be interested to know.

@Nocker65 Yes it will work, it does in my system - CDX2.2 / XPSDR / Supernait 2 / Hi-CapDR / 250DR.

NOTE It did before I added the Hi-CapDR too.

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Great thank you Geoff

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