SN2/3 + Focal Diablos

Honest opinon, please. How would you rate the ability of a Supernait 2 (or possibly 3) to get the best
out of a pair of Focal Diablos? Many thanks.

For the SN2, Naim recommends Sopra; and one wonders whether the SN2 can get the best out of these speakers…

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I would think that since naim and focal are under the same umbrella company wise they should known what the perfect match is.

only financial match, perhaps not even perfect.

If you can find a used pair at a good price, maybe. But I think you would need to run them both with some very talented cables.

I have focal diablo utopia, but with 250 dr, 282 and hicap dr, combo in this situation is very
enjoyable, I can’t find any major flaws. In my opinion also with supernait two with hicap dr should be a good combo …

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