SN2 active connections

If you go active with a 250DR powering the high end and SN2 powering the low end - how do you connect the low end output of the snaxo back to the SN2 so the Internal amp powers the low end? (In other words where does the feed connect to the SN2?)

I would guess that you would take the LF signal from the SNAXO back into the POWER AMP IN DIN4 on the Supernait 2 (use an active lead, not a SNAIC). I assume you will be powering the Supernait 2 pre-amp stage with a Hicap?

I think my hicap DR is connected to the power amp in, looking at the diagram.

Kudos website has a diagram on how they did it, albeit it with 2 HiCaps. It could give you ideas.

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Thank you

Yes, you’ll need a Hicap on the Supernait and another Hicap (or Supercap) for the SNAXO.


Hey Richard. Without the SNAXO crossover, using the bi-amp on the SN2/3 and another power amp would this be considered “passive bi-amping?”

yes, passive biamping.

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Thanks guys - got it now :+1:

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