Sn2 + atc scm19

Hi guys !

Did someone allready try this combination ?

The 80w of the supernait will be enough for the low sensitivity of the atc ?

I would love to hear you on this subject ! The con’s and the pro.

It will be with a Hi-Line in a ND5XS2 and NACA5 speaker wire.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I use a nova with scm11 if that helps with no issues. Room is 4.5 x 3.5m

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Another Nova & ATC 11 user here and another small room - 3.75m x 3.5m - although in my case I also have a nap 250DR connected to the Nova


Did you feel that you need the 250 to wake up the 11 ? But its the sn2 combination that really interest me, the 19 seem to be a little bit more difficult to drive i think.( bigger magnet than the 11)

No 250 not needed but it does improve the sound slightly. I bought a secondhand 250DR so as to eventually move on to upgraded 272 if it ever materialises. I demoed both 11s and 19 at home via 2 helpful dealers and in my small room the 11s are fine for me.

I listened to a demo in a dealers show room with the SN2 with the ATC SCM19 speakers and enjoyed them quite a bit.

The dealer also had a used pair of Naim Ovators S-400’s in the shop at the time and I ended up taking them home. I believe I would have been happy with the ATC speakers.

Good luck with your decision.

And why did you choose the ovator over the 19 ?

I demoed both in a similary big room and finded that the 19 was more open, more real and sweet, a litlle bit less faster but very just a bit. Between the nova and the sn2 it was the defenition and the noise floor that was way better in the sn2. But i find them a bit ‘’ digital’’ but i dont know if it was the overly damped acousticly room or the speaker or the amp or the mix of everything.

At the time of the demo I had a pair of ProAc D2’s that I was quite happy with. I had been looking at the dealers web page and noticed the Ovators were a new listing in the used section. I was very interested in getting a pair of three way floor stander’s and dropped by to give them a listen. The ATC 19’s were already set up in the demo room and the dealer recommend I give them a listen. I had a set of songs selected and gave them a listen and was very impressed. I then listened to the Ovators and was impressed with the sound as well.

I choose the Ovators since they were a floor standing three way speaker that sounded fantastic to me. The price was right, and even less then the new SMC19’s.

The other factor why I was looking for a floor standing speaker was on occasion when my grandchildren visit I worried that they may knock one of the speakers off the stands and hurt themselves.

The bonus was when they were delivered to the house the wife thought they were beautiful and fit into the room decor. So it turned out to be a win-win situation.

I have gone back and listened to the active versions ATC speaker, the SMC 19A & SMC 40A. Fantastic speakers would require a lot of system changes.

So, for the time being the Ovators S-400’s are serving me quite well and help me maintain a small box count HiFi solution.


If you can demo speakers at home that is the way to go. If I had a bigger room I would definitely try ATC 40As but in my little music room the 11s work best for me. Either way the ND5XS2 and SN2 is a good combination

I auditioned a SN2 with the ATC SCM19. The SN2 can drive them no problem. Whether you like the SCM19 is another matter.

Nice to read your story Seakayaker !

Maybe i have to acclimate myself to the sealed cabinet and the very clean sound of the atc but i heared several others brands ( Harbeth, Spendor, Kudos, Dynaudio,Elac and many more) at different time but in the same price range, and i always missed what the ATC give in term of clarity and sharpness and detail…

Maybe once in my home in my sofa it will be a different game !

Thanks for you advice,the active is not for me, i prefer the less perfect sound of the passive, i found passive give more emotion in the music, i think its more visceral with passive and more cerebral with the active . And the naim house sound is the no 1 critera so i dont want to loose it.

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