SN2 button lights

I have recently had a bad bout of ‘upgradeitis’ which was only cured by buying a pre-loved Hicap DR to add to my system (ND5 XS2/SN2/B&W 702’s).
I connected it all up yesterday and all seems well. However after turning the system off and turning it back on again after the upgrade I can no longer toggle the button illumination off with the ‘disp’ button. The manual says the ‘disp’ button should switch off the lights when in the ‘preamp mode’. I guess this the normal operating mode as the ‘disp’ button has worked ok for the last 2 years. I have tried restoring the SN2 to factory defaults but to no avail. I am obviously doing something wrong but I have run out of options and I am hoping one you knowledgeable guys out there can offer a solution.
One last thing – I leave my amp powered up 24/7 with the ND5 XS2 in standby when not in use. Am I correct in thinking I should also leave the Hicap on permanently?
Sorry for the long diatribe, any advice would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

I can recall that you need to make sure that the remote is in preamp mode. Have you tried pushing the “PRE” button and after that toggle the lights on and off?

Yes leave hicap on…

As above. If powered off, the remote needs to be re-set to “pre” first. And keeep the HiCAP powered up.

Thank you so much - I didn’t even realise there was a ‘preamp’ button on the remote! Perhaps I need some new glasses - but then again it is very small and I only use the vol up/down and mute buttons. Still problem solved - Naim forum to the rescue again.


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