SN2 / HC / NAP300 Connection

I currently have a SN2 powered by a HCDR. I’m looking to get a NAP300DR and use the SN2 as the pre amplifier in the interim.

What cables are required to connect the 300 to the SN & how do I connect it please?

Like this

The two DIN4 to XLR cables to the 300 connect to sockets 2&3 on the Hicap rather than just socket 3 as with the 200 shown.

Hi and happy new year!

Just a general comment really. Others might wish to pitch in but I would be less than convinced good as the SN2 is that using it with a NAP300 would be a balanced set up. Your speakers and source are certainly worthy of a 300 though. Have you listened to SN2/300? Might be worth listening to a 282/250dr bearing in mind you have an HCDR.

Best of luck whatever you decide to do!



The cables are supplied by Naim with the amp, and are not much use to anyone who doesn’t have a 300, so if buying used you should ask the seller to include them. Otherwise you will end up paying for another pair.

Thank you Chris

I only have an NDX as a source so will replace the SN2 with 282 at a later date. Thanks for the suggestion Andy

Cheers James

No problem mate! My ambition is ultimately to go for a 300DR as well! Unsure whether to go for a 250DR first atm, a possibility of a supercap comes into the equation too. At the moment though my system sounds fantastic - demos are dangerous to the wallet. We just love these black boxes!!


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