SN2/HcDR —> NAC 282/NAP200DR

Hello, I have the intention to do this upgrade soon. According to what i read on the forum, it is a great upgrade but is it a good move to get rid of the HCDR though ? I would do it to keep the number of boxes at two so no need to rearrange my rack since the NAC/NAP combination seems great without the HC. Can the NAC 282 be improved with only one HCDR or does it need absolutely two ? Thanks

I went from an XS2 to (1) 282 using XS2 as power amp, then to (2) 282/200 DR combo and then (3) added a HC DR to 282/200. Each step was an improvement, with (1) and (2) the most significant. While the 282/200 DR sounded wonderful, adding the single HC DR was a nice, albeit not essential, improvement. I would keep the HC DR if you have funds and space to do so.

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I moved from SuperNait to 282 recently and kept the HiCap because it’s needed in my configuration. The 200 will power the 282, so it’s not absolutely required, but I believe that most feel the HiCap is a significant step up in sound quality over using the power amp to power it.
The 200DR has the special discrete module for powering the preamp that’s a step up on the earlier 200, but still not as good as a HiCap.
The 282’s preamp is far and away better than the one in the SuperNait, so I’m sure you’ll notice that, but if your SuperNait used the HiCap previously I would definitely keep the HiCap on the 282.
As far as two HiCaps vs one, you’ll find lots of opinions on this in different threads, just do a search. The real next step up seems to come with a SuperCap. But that’s quite an investment that many feel is only justified if you’re intending to go to the heady heights of a 252 preamp in the future.
Bottom line, I’d keep the HiCap and enjoy your amazing upgrade.

I think a 282 really needs at least 1 HC - almost a no-brainer

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As you have the Hicap, you could save money by getting a used non-DR 200. The DR in the 200DR only powers the preamp, so brings no benefit if you use a Hicap DR. Or why not consider a used 250DR?


Another vote for keeping the HC and using it to power the 282. If you can get a nice pre-loved 250DR you will have a really good amp on your hands :grinning:

I also go along with keeping the HicapDR, the SQ improvement will definitely make reorganising your rack worth the effort. If money allows going for a second-hand or ex dem 250DR would be my recommendation.

As I understand it the OP could also hold on to the SN2 and use it as a poweramplifier with the 282, while waiting/saving for a NAP250 DR. The Hi Cap DR will then be of good use all the way as well.

I guess the HiCap could count as half a box and the even smaller Napsc really counts as no box… :blush:

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Excellent idea indeed, but how to use the SN2 as a power amplifier. All i can see in the Naim Connection Guide is the SN2 as pre-amp mode

Okay, think i found how to use the SN2 in power amp mode in the manuals. What i need is the SNAIC 4-4 from the psu output labeled “standard” on the NAC 282 to the “power amp in” on the SN2 followed by the “mute button” procedure. Is it right ? No need necessarily for the HiCaP then !

I think you will need the hicap if using the SN3 as a power amp. The SN3 can’t power the 282.

Yes, this is my understanding to. The 4-4 din goes from the HiCap to sn2 poweramp input. (Remove the plugg) And a 5-5 din from the 282 to the HiCap.

One can have a look at how a 282 + hicap and 250 system is set up, and replace the 250 with sn2 and the 4-4 din.

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Great, thanks it is well documented in the Naim Connection Guide. Thanks to everyone who responded so far, it is very informative and much appreciated

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I would just add that if you really don’t want too many boxes, 282/200 is still a very capable amp even without a Hicap. Just make sure that you get a 200DR if you do this, as it provides a better power supply for the 282 than the old non-DR version. Of course the Hicap is better still, but having run both options I found the system highly enjoyable without the Hicap.
Don’t forget that you need a NAPSC as well, and this is usually included in the box with the 282.

I can’t answer your questions @Denisf but as the owner of a super-dooper NAP200DR, the combination of NAC282/NAP200DR is my two box dream amp. No need to faff with Hicaps because you already have DR in the NAP200DR. Put the savings into upping your sources. (Um, that is what I am going to do, YMMV.)

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Keep the hicap if you can!

There is no getting away from the fact that the decoupled dual rail supply from a Hicap is better than the built in supply from a 200, DR or not.
Still, both options are worthwhile in my view.

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Totally. I didn’t say it wasn’t. Chap’s looking for a two box set. Seems this has escaped many respondents.

(Am well aware that NAC282/ NAP200DR is a three box set and hoping he can hide the NAPSC under the rack like many others.)

What happened next?!

Change of plan ! After a visit at my HiFi shop, my first since march 2020, i bought the Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers and Rega Planar 6 with Ania Pro cartridge. These will replace Focal 1008 BEII speakers and Rega RP40. I will change my SN2 later and still have the intention to buy NAC282 / NAP200DR combo. Next year will be Naim 50th anniversary so maybe new products will be available, hoping they will be affordable, not like the Solstice TT and Naim-Focal 10th anniversary kit.