SN2 input overload specification

Ok this is a weird Techie question but I can’t find the answer in my owners manual. I have a Chord Qutest Dac. It has three output level choices. 1v, 2v, 3v I don’t want to overload the SN2’s input. Most cd players output 2v… So can I run 3v into SN2 without fear of overloading the input??

3V is very high. It won’t overload the Supernait - IIRC the overload limit is about 7V - but it leaves precious little useable range to the volume control and means you’ll be using the volume control right at the point where it’s at its weakest for channel balance.

I would set it to either 1V or 2V. 2V was the redbook standard for CD players (although many exceeded this) but even that was considered rather high where other line level outputs were usually well under 1V. You may well find that 1V gives the most satisfying result and certainly will give a good useable range on the Supernait’s volume control.

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I would stick with the 1v output, unless you are compensating for very inefficient speakers and/or listen very loud. On my system, even a 2v signal leaves me with a very small usable range on the volume control which is a PITA to adjust.

Don’t forget that the 2V RMS spec for CD replay is peak output.

The 0VU equivalent level is much less than this if a CD was encoded to the standard ‘reference’ level (but the ‘loudness wars’ resulted in many CDs that are heavily compressed and then encoded at 6dB to 10dB above that level).

Thank you all! I’m going to try 1v see how that sounds.

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