Sn2 &Kef ls50

Hi , I’m currently using tannoy xt8f with my sn2 but thinking of swapping them over to my kef ls50 . Sometimes the bass can be a little boomy with the tannoy so maybe it will be a little more controlled with the kefs . Looking for your thoughts and views using the ls 50s with sn2 and if any of you fellow naimers have a similar setup . Thankyou

I use the KEFs with my sn1 and absolutely love them. Very detailed but musical. And unfussy with placement.

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I’m having a blast using my ls50’s with my Nova. But… all speakers are room dependent so, to be honest, you won’t know until you try them in your system in your room.


I had my LS50s with my SN3 and the bass was a bit lacking. I’m much happier after replacing them for a bigger set of speakers. For the rest, these are great speakers and I continue to enjoy them in the 2nd system paired with an Atom

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Yes I m gonna give them a try over next few days and see how they stand up to the tannoy.

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