SN2 left channel no sound

Hi All
I have problem with my SN2, no sound out from left channel, wonder what’s wrong, I brought it new about 10 months ago.
It was working fine, until I power on today, it was power off for few days. When I press the mute I can hear a pop from right channel, power off and on again, there’s is pop sound from left channel.
I have swap speaker cable from left to right, still one channel no sound, changing other interconnector same outcome.
I have another issue with the remote control, could select the source from the remote, but volume control; mute and Disp function is ok.
I also noticed, it takes longer time for mute light to go off when Power on.
Anything I can do? before send for repair.

Correction to the remote control issue, I could not use remote to select source.

Anyone come across this issue?

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