SN2: Pops when Switching Input or Muting

Soon we will be converting the loft, which provides an opportunity to build a second system. We haven’t even started with that building work but I still fancied playing around with a Supernait 2 – so I bought one, and it got delivered today. :grinning:

Unlike my previous XS2, the SN2 pops through the speakers when switching inputs or muting the amp. Is this normal, or something I need to worry about? These pops are similar to switching on a 250DR – maybe not quite as intensive, sounds a bit like two short mini-pops compared to the 250DR.


The sn 3 I am currently using have the same very marked sounds when muting the amp. If I were new to Naim this would really have made me question the amp.

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Cheers @Claus — the same when switching inputs?

There is always a little “clunk”, perfectly normal.

Not when you are used to a 252 that is very close to being silent when muting or switching input.

What else is connected to the SN2 ?

I can’t honestly say I noticed any clunks etc when using mute. I use it all the time and it was perfectly silent.

As James _n suggests, it maybe to do with what it is connected to and what Din connection is used.

Thanks for your responses @james_n and @anon23154165!

I have a Chord Hugo 2 connected to the Supernait using the CD’s RCA input.


I never had this with my Supernait2!

I had the Qutest, TT2 connected via the cd connection but it was DIn rather than rca. Is it possible to test it with a Din cable to see if it does the same.

Ah ok - IIRC the Chord DAC doesn’t provide a signal to mains earth connection. It might be worth trying connecting the SN2 earth post to your mains earth - this may cure the popping issue.

+1 Never in 7 years of ownership - I frequently use mute and switch inputs.

Thanks for the suggestion, @james_n!

Initially, the speakers “hummed” because of earthing arrangement with the Hugo 2. When I “switched on” the earth on my Allo Nirvana power supply for Allo’s USBridge Signature the hum disappeared. So I thought all fine now – but maybe not quite… I guess I’ll need to make up a cable to earth the SN, rather than earthing through the power supply.


Revising my previous statement; faintest of clicks only noticeable when you wind up the volume. There’s memory for you, convinced myself there was something more audible. My av amp definitely clicks and clunks.

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I had a Supernait 2 ~ no pop or click when I change inputs whatsoever - dead silent

A friend bought a Supernait 3 and it didn’t just have a click it was super loud when he changed inputs (like a loud pop)

He exchanged the faulty SN3 unit to 202-200 which was again dead silent

72 here,no pops no clicks.

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