SN2 vs NAP 200DR

I wondered how the SN2’s power-amp section compares to the 200DR – this in particular when the SN2’s pre-amp is powered using a HiCap.

I am not really concerned about the 10W difference between SN2 and 200DR. I assume running the SN2 at 80W would damage my hearing permanently… But I noticed that the SN2’s toroidial transformer boosts 400VA, whereas the 200DR only brings 300VA into the party. Does this mean that the SN2 might drive speakers better when there are no pre-amp duties for the transformer? I have little technical knowledge – so my thinking might be rather simplistic as a power-amp is more than a toroidal transformer. But Naim makes a lot of fuzz about power supply, and the beast in the SN2 is bigger!

Technical insights and especially first-hand experience would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for input @GraemeH – do you think your preference for the separates comes from the better pre-amp or rather the power-amp? Over the years, a number of people wrote that they believed the SN2’s pre-amp was the weaker link… Cheers again! :slight_smile:

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I don’t believe there is such a thing as better or worse here.

The sonic character of the 202/200 differs from the Supernait and that is the most important parameter. They are both highly capable setups, more or less able to drive the same loudspeakers.

A much bigger impact has the room / loudspeaker setup & the pairing with the amps.

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The preamp in my experience.


In theory, the more current, the more control and detail delivered to the speakers. I’ve just landed an SN2 and love it. System balance with the speakers is always important.

Cheers – I thought that you might say this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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