[SN3] adding a NAP 250-DR

I do have a SN3 and this speakers: Vifa vivace model 2012

When i ad a power amp, like the NAP 250 DR, in my setup and i’m gone do bi-amping. On what part of my speaker should i have to put the SN3 or the NAP 250 DR?

On the lower (woofer) section OR to the mid/high?

Will it be worth to adding a extra power amp? (NAP 250 DR in this situation)

This has been discussed a few times. The consensus has been to run the 250 of the SN2 as a dedicated power amp, rather than bi-amping.

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That won’t work. You either need two identical power amps or an out board electronic crossover if using two different amps.

If the gain is the same there should be no reason why you cannot biamp. Currently I have my supercap for the 252 back at Naim so I am using a supernait3 as pre and one of my 250s as power amp. I have considered trying biamping but never got around to asking if the gain is the same on the s3 and the 250. In theory my supercap should be on it’s way back home, but communication to hq in these times are not the best or rather more or less not existing, so maybe I will try before the 252 comes back into operation again.

Kudos is something of a special case in that their speakers have multiple passive/active rear panel connections. I guess it’s one of those discussions that centre around financial outlay vs system performance level. I don’t expect there to be many Supernait active users, not least the speaker matching but the preamp in the Supernait being the bottleneck ultimately.
I’m sure you could cable it up to work but whether it would be worth the significant cost and effort is another matter entirely.

I’m toying with the idea of running some March mono blocks of my SN2, I’m going to borrow a straight pre-amp first and see / hear what it does.

In the past I have Bi-amped my SU/NAP300DR combo!

When I have swapped between the SU amp only and the NAP 300 DR amp only I used the same volume settings in each case. The gain seemed to be very similar between them.

This reminds me I must try it again, only this time I will try the SU on bass duties and the 300 on the mids and treble.

As a foot note i was impressed by the Naim/Kudos active setup demoed at he Bristol show this year, in which Kudos demoed their speakers using the SN3 (pre)+HiCap+SN3 (power) + Naim active crossover+ NAP 250DR. Note: ‘impressed’ is relative, relative to how anything ever sounds at the show.

Here’s a question:

If a bought a SN2 or a SN3 to Bi amp with my NAP 300DR, could i use the SN as a pre and a power amp without having to buy a Hicap?

Yes, you could, simply by using the biamp socket. But why would you?

I suppose because i liked the Kudos demo and wondered if my system could benefit from a similar config.

You’d be better waiting for the new 272, assuming it’s coming, or getting a dedicated source and preamp. With the 300, adding a SN3 just to biamp would do very little. Unless I’m mistaken, the Kudos dem was full active, not passive biamping.

Indeed it was active. I thought it a novel use of components and good sounding withit.

I have another plan, to wait until the new 272 arrives and buy one of the traded in current 272’s

Was that active set-up compared to a passive one?


Sorry for my ignorance,but why don’t you use the SN3 as preamp & the 250DR as power amp?
What is the need of biamping?
In my experience with my previous system (not the Naim) you really don’t gain anything with biamping.
Just my humble opinion…

Hi N_T_D, I don’t think it was set up for comparison (passive vs active), when I walked in it was set up with an NDX2 serving the SN3 as pre fed by a HiCap, this fed the Naim active crossover (plus HiCap) with the high freq outputs going to the tweeter via the 250DR and the Low freq outputs going to the bass units via the SN3 power amp.

I liked the novel use of the components, after all, they could have simply gone with the de riguere Nac 282>HiCap>Active x-over>Nap250DR (x2), but as the Kudox ref said, it offers a route to upgrade for those with a SN2 or 3.

I know what you mean Vaggoz, I think, but would not swear to it, that Bi-amping for me may have lost a tiny bit of focus, but if you have an SN and a Nap 250 you have the option to try either config. so why not give it a go?

I totally agree.
Trying different combinations & listen with your own ears is the best way.
I just posted my own opinion due to what I experienced in the past.
Anyway good luck in your experiments & hope you find what you really like.

Plus you have “MORE POWER!!” :grinning:

Actually they used 2 HiCap’s.