SN3 and Focal Electra 1038BE 2

Box count is important, Ideally = 3 :slight_smile:

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I think the answer then is to add a power supply to your 272. I have an NDX2/XPS DR/SN2/HiCAP, so 3.5 boxes. But I think the 272/250 with an XPS DR would be at a similar level, though I haven’t compared.

Yes, I was thinking of adding psu. Thx

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I run a SN3 with a NDX2 and they are a very good combination.
The XPS DR is a big improvement on the NDX2.
The SN3 has no problem driving and controlling my Evoke 50s.

Good to hear :slight_smile: , your speakers are more demanding I read into 4 Ohm. However you have 2 woofers, these focals have 3. Is it that in order to play good bass, the woofers are more demanding then the mid and high range?

I can get a pre-loved 555 PS, but is from 2012 and later DR was added. Is the unit not too old ? What’s the opinion on this?

Was it serviced when it had the DR upgrade? If you’re not sure, ask the seller for the serial number and Naim will be able to tell you. Any PSU that’s been back to Naim for a service is pretty much as good as new for about another 10 years. If you buy unserviced 2012 unit, you will need to budget for the price and inconvenience of getting it done yourself at some point, so the price should reflect this.

It’s a 324xxx number and DR’ed in 2016, they say mint condition. Price seems fair.
I will asked if the unit was serviced.

I bought the 555PS DR! Can’t wait to connect it and listen. I honestly don’t know what to expect ….
must be something good.

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Nicely done! What is it going to power out of interest? I’m looking to add a 555PS DR to my NDX2 at some point, that combined with a SN3. Whatever it’s powering the 555PS is a very capable supply that will be sure to add refinement and enjoyment to your system.

It will power my 272, and if I want to go to NDX2 and separate pre-amp I have a nice PS .

Excellent choice, look forward to hearing what you find once it’s all setup and settled in. Enjoy!

Finally arrived: pre-loved 555PS DR


Excellent addition, enjoy!

@Mr.M Isn’t this what you’re aiming for as well? Finding a Pre-loved 555DR in North America is tough(I’m not looking however)

I’ve got an eye out for one yes to add to an NDX2 in my case. I’m based in the UK, in fact less than an hour from Naim HQ, so they tend to appear fairly often, need to build a funds buffer and now also looking at a Linn Selekt DSM as another distraction!
I’ve been reading about Kudos active setups on a Supernait 3 which isn’t helping either!

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I LOVE the idea of the Kudos active setup. Lucky you living so close the Naim HQ and in general lucky to have access to great gear(kit). Kudos are super expensive here and only 1 dealer that I know of.

Taken for granted often especially in discussions on this forum. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the factory and do a tour, there’s a genuine passion and energy from every single person working there and the care and attention that goes in to what is created in that small building is something quite special, thankfully we get a little piece of that in our houses to enjoy and share an enjoyment of.


Someday I’d love to do the Factory tour, but alas they won’t let us outside our borders due to Covid19. :slight_smile:

This upgrade is really good, but I had to make some tweaks: NAC A5 gone, AQ rocket 44 back in (had it still lying around). Also needed to shift my speakers to get the most out of it.
Still testing…so maybe need to shift a little more. But first let it play for a while.