SN3 as pre amp

Hi all, hope someone can help…
I have a SuperNait 3 with HiCapHR and I want to now use active speakers (ATC). Do I take the feed from the SN3 or the hicap?

Hicap socket 3 is the one to use.


As Robert says, it’s best to take the pre out signal from the Hicap. Do be careful though with long interconnects over 2m from the Hicap - make sure the cable is very low in capacitance to avoid any instability.

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Would there be much drop in quality if I used the phono Sub outputs? The manual says they mirror the pre outs on the DIN plug…
Or how about using the analogue out from my ND5 XS2 and switch it to variable output? Has anyone noticed a big drop in quality?
Perhaps I should sell the SN3 and HiCapDR and get an ATC pre amp…

Hard to say without trying it.

If you prefer the sound performance with an ATC pre then by all means go for it.

My family is from West Yorks and even now I can easily imagine hearing my late grandma saying, “By 'eck, lad, you’ve paid good brass for that power amp in the SN3 and now you want to use it as a preamp only.”

(Hope it works out, whichever path you choose.)


People’s needs change Chris. If only Naim would bring out a streamer / preamp, perhaps a 272 replacement, back into the range - It could prove to be a popular option :man_shrugging:


That would be perfect for me at this point. Christopher_M, I only intend to use the SN like this for a while until I can afford a Pre Amp :+1:


Well IF there is a 272/2 or 372 or even 572 that would be a solution. However, as you have a HC I’d head for a NDX2/282, you could get there in stages.



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That would be great, I would really like to stay with Naim.

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As per Richard’s advice, BJC interconnects have very low capacitance. The lowest I’ve seen in the industry.

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