SN3 AV bypass query

I’ve currently got two sets of speakers I’m running in the lounge separately for AV and HiFi duties.

  • NEAT Iota = Connected to SN3 / NAP250 DR
  • B&W CM6 S2 = Connect to Arcam AVR390

It suits me well as the NEAT’s are tiny and the room doesn’t look too cluttered.

However, I’m really tempted with some Kudos Titan 606 and don’t want two sets of large speakers in the room.

Question - If I get a dual RCA cable, plug into the FL & FR PreOut’s of my AVR390 and then connect this to my “AV” RCA inputs on the rear of the SN3 (and switch AV bypass=On) I can use my SN3 to power the L & R channels of my AV setup using the volume controller for my AVR ?

If so then why haven’t I done this before !!!

Yes, you can.


Easy as that then, excellent.

I was going to buy a passive sound bar to replace L-C-R so that’s some more £££ saved.

Thanks very much for confirming.

I had very similar setup in my old house with NAIT’s + Arcam AV amp.
The Arcam is acting as the preamp for Front L/R and output to SN3 when in AV bypass passes the input signal to the power amp in the SN3.
I also did similar with my Linn Selekt DSM using same principle.
The Kudos Titan’s are lovely speakers as I’m sure you’re aware of already!

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All plugged in and up and running :+1::+1::+1:

Really not sure why I haven’t done this before as it’s such as simple task especially with a Harmony remote to confine the inputs on activity startup.

Now time to demo these speakers.

Thanks for your assistance.

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edit: Really glad I did this as realized my speakers were out of phase !!!

I take it that the NAP 250 DR is powering FL + FR and not the SN3.

Btw, if you’re using a sub/s then it’ll be better not to run the FL + FR full range. Set crossover point @ 90Hz +

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Thanks, I hadn’t even thought of the sub crossover point.

Yes, 250DR is where the speakers are plugged into.

You’re welcome.

Run Dirac Live and if results are that FL is @ 50Hz, RR @ 70Hz, etc. then manually change the crossover points so that all are at equal and set at a minimum of 90Hz.

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