SN3 Balance

Tell that to viking …
It only words on the magazine
I was really disappointed that i had that problem.
There is more consumers like me, one can find more posts like this on the naim forum.
As i wrote it more typical to speakers which are high efficiency, and it is may the reason why not every one have this problem.
It really shouldn’t be like that.
Now my balance pot is exactly 12:00 pointed

If my dealer wasnt a technician by himself i think i would never got this problem fixed… and you canot bypass it by dialling the balance pot it just sound very an accurate and bad.

Ilan v.

I had a similar problem with my NAC52 and lived with it for a long time. The problem turned out to be dodgy banana plug soldering and a couple of broke strands of A5. Once I’d fixed that the balance was spot on.

In fact it might not have been balance but some other manifestation that felt like balance. I never felt comfortable with adjusting the balance as like you say above it seemed to affect the SQ.


Unfortunately, this is the second unit that has the same issue. This is not a big difference as the previous unit, but still wrong. I’ll have more info next week, but maybe they’ll try to change the volume pot

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i hope it will be resolved for you :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Hi Viking13, I can totally relate to your situation. I had the same problem on a 282, and my dealer agreed to replace the unit. He also told me that one of his customers had also had this problem very recently with a SN3. If you search the forum for “channel inbalance”, you will see that many of us have encountered this problem. Note that the new 282 that I received and which replaced the defective 282 had a properly working channel balance, however it still has a fault: there is no sound when I use the CD input. This new replacement unit is now being repaired. So, like you, I have received a faulty second unit. I find this unacceptable considering the price I paid and I strongly doubt that the units are tested before being sent… A better Quality Control would be beneficial for the customer but also for Naim and the dealers who probably have more interesting things to do than to deal with faulty units. Luckily my dealer is doing all his best to sort things out! As should your dealer…


If the main volume knob is between. 6 and 8 o’clock it seems from this form to be normal to have balance issues with this integrated.
I have it too.
My solution is to apply a -6db adjustment in Roon when playing music softly, or adjusting balance manually.
It’s not ideal but it’s a solution. Otherwise this is an amazing amp.

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