Sn3 bottleneck

Dears I m thinking to a system with rp10/apheta3/superline analog stage and ndx2 .
Do you think that sn3 could be a bottleneck or it could pair these top sources?

I think it would be a great system. You won’t go wrong with source first, just get speakers that match well with the SN3.


Thanks but i m considering sn3 not as an intermediate step but a final config

I can not speak for the RP10 but the NDX 2 will pair extremely well with the SN 3.

I am extremely pleased with my final configuration (retirement system) of: NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS


It will be great if you intend to stop there. However, if you think that you might be tempted into upgrading I’d go 282/200 as that would give more flexibility.



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I fully intended to stop at my Supernait 3, then a 282 came up at a great price and I thought why not, I’d try it.

SN3 gone, p/xd for a 250DR.

But… the SN3 was a sweet thing. Very nice indeed.
Just don’t hear a 282, you’ll be fine!


Your sources are capable of matching a much higher spec amp than the Supernait, so in that respect, yes, you could call it a bottleneck compared to say 282/250 or 252/300. But those are much more expensive, and 3 boxes instead of one.
The Supernait will still sound good with your sources, even if a better amp could be an effective upgrade. Better that than an expensive, revealing amp with a poor source.


Myself like many others on here have found a happy place with a SN3 and suitable sources, in my case an NDX2. I don’t imagine you’d find that lacking and you can still refine that further with a HiCap DR on the preamp of the SN3 and an XPS DR or even a 555PS driving the NDX2. The Superline can be driven by multiple power sources including the SN3 up to a SuperCap so certainly plenty of scope to tinker with the system synergy.
Once you step beyond that to a NAC/NAP system it opens up the potential for significant rewards but at a price in terms of equipment cost and maintenance and the space required to rack and cable them correctly.
If you have the money and the space then a NAC/NAP will outperform a system based around a SN3, you just have to decide on what your budget is, how much space you have to allocate to setting up your system correctly and if you can be satisfied stopping at a NAIT :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me. You’ve got great sources (the most important part) and so all you need to to do is find some suitable loudspeakers that will match well with the Supernait.


As Richard said you have very good sources and I would suggest with the SN3 good synergy

You could add a Hi Cap at a later - and possibly look at a phono stage .

The elephant in the room are what speakers do you favour ?

I Own devore gibbon 3xl and i love them.

OK, on home ground here.

Earlier this year I wanted to switch my multiple Naim boxes to a SN3, my speakers are Harbeth P3ESR .

These are excellent speakers but need lashings of power

We attached the SN3 to the Harbeths and the sound was “plain vanilla” . The Harbeths are really difficult speakers to drive with a sensitivity of around 84 and a resistance of 6 ohms.

Your speakers are highly efficient - so on paper they will benefit from the power in the SN3 in a way my Harbeths didn’t. Given your sources are excellent , your speakers are high efficiency -on paper it looks good, very good.

Subject to audition, I think you’ve got a very, very good system

Best wishes


can not believe that _ sry
I paired harbeth m30 very sucessfull

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I have the SN3 and a HiCap with DeVore Gibbon 3XLs and it’s glorious with an ND555 fronting up.
I have heard a 272/250 also with the Gibbons, and that combination has greater drive and more bass, but overall I preferred the musicality of source first system. Others would choose differently I am sure, but you need to hear for yourself.

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My Harbeths have a sensitivity of 84 db and an impedance of 6 ohms .

Not the easiest of loads , when faced with an amp producing 70 watts or an amp producing a 100 watts , which do you think they preferred?

My problem would be that I would always be thinking of that lovely high quality data signal from your source that was being denied full expression through being constrained by the amp :wink:

Was your experience the same when you turned up the volume to 10 o’clock on the SN driving the Harbeths? I have a few times been surprised by the difference caused by the volume dial. The SN’s seem to balance out nicely on higher volume, which unfortunately is something we do not use that often :slight_smile:


This is exavtly my question. Will the amp be the real bottleneck in the chain? I m referring to sq not to power delivery

I didn’t ramp the volume, I have a belief that a powerful amp should be heard and clearly at all levels

I have a family of six next door (that’s six children) and I normally keep the sound down .

When I audition I try and reflect normal listening and normal volume levels

My Harbeths which are P3ESR have been reputed to be the hardest to drive , which is why I suspect they have been displayed at Bristol with (I am told) mid range Yamahas or Hegels - something which has more power

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