SN3 casing

I have been considering this for a while. I have a Supernait 3, very pleased, recently added a hi cap to great effect.
The case is very resonant, a slight knuckle rap causes quite a “ring”. Obviously no damping. This is strange because my previous amp, a Nait xs was very solid, as is the hi cap and my Naim CD player.
Any thoughts?

My ND5XS2 does the same.

It’s a completely different case design.

The extruded case can ring but weirdly this sounds better than if damped.


if you think the SN rings, you should try e.g. the NDX2, mine was like a bell - but I suppose it’s why you need to decouple these new designs better?

The olive slimline gear used to ring like hell, the newer black entry level gear not so much, more of a dead rattle than anything. My classic gear rings but in a more reassuringly cleaner and firmer way. My Fraim glass also rings when zapped with the knuckle…

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