SN3 & Hi-Cap w PS Audio SACD Transport & DAC

Greetings Naimsters.
I just made a spontaneous purchase of the PS Audio SACD Transport & Direct Stream DAC. As very much NOT a gearhead (meaning not “technically-oriented”) but just someone who’s looking for best sound from my many CDs & SACDs, and paired with my SN3 and Hi-Cap, was this a good purchase, or a stupid purchase. Be honest (like you won’t :). Just to be clear, my question isn’t about the quality of PS Audio, but rather the pairing w the SN3. I can still return…

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Pairing SACD with SN3 is pointless.

PS are a high end company, and as long as the DAC is capable of dealing with signal , it should be very good.

If you sense some hesitance , it’s because I have a Pioneer UDP and the machine won’t allow a digital output.

So I guess it will be the quality of the signal , but certainly that’s a very good quality feed, my worry is that they are too good for the SN3 , possibly too good for a 200/202

If you like the sound and feel the cost is justified then it’s a good purchase. If you heard something that was half the price but sounded just as good it was probably less of a good purchase.

For what it’s worth, I use a NDX2/555PS with my Supernait 3 and I’m very happy with it. I imagine the PS pairing is a similar price and quality.

thank you for feedback, Ian. very helpful.

can you tell me why? thanks, Katzky.

great feedback and i agree. thank you. hh.

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Hi @tmarshall27

  1. Do you like the SQ of the SN3 W PSAudio set up?
  2. Have the courage of your own convictions.
  3. First thought is best thought.

All the best with the your new purchase.

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Many thanks for the input, Roger… well taken.

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