SN3 - hum/buzz

My six month old SN3 has, as of this morning, started to hum/buzz rather loudly.

I’ve read some quick fix solutions that others have posted (some copper wire affixed between earth and nearest DIN) but only have spare silver wire at the moment.

The buzz completely disappears when I connect by KEF LS50 Metas to the SN3, but is very noticeable when using my normal front two speakers, Tannoy Legacy Eatons.

There’s a fifth binding post on the rear of the Tannoys but I’m not quite sure if this would work or indeed, how to connect it to the SN3.

Any thoughts?

What’s changed in the system, have you only just hooked up the tannoys?

It looks like that 5th post should be connected to earth.

“ Fifth binding post provides grounding to reduce radio frequency interference and improve midrange clarity”

Is it the amp physically buzzing or is it a buzzing sound through the speakers?

No, the Tannoys have been in situ for months with the SN3. No previous buzzing.

I swapped the Tannoys out for the KEFs this morning and also added a KEF KC 62 sub, all of which was free from hum or buzz when connected to the SN3,

However, when I brought the Tannoys back into play (having disconnected the KEF and the sub, obvs), the buzz was very audible.

The latter, all inputs.

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As the buzzing is heard through the speakers, it sounds likely that you have an earth loop.
It’s possible one of your input devices (turntable, non-Naim CD player, non-Naim streamer) requires earthing, or is not connected properly.
A simple test is to run a cable (a piece of wire) from the metal body / case fixing screw of the non-Naim source to a known earth point, such as the fixing screw of a power socket (UK).
If unsure what a known earth is, DO NOT do this yourself.
You may also disconnect every input and one by one, reconnect to see if one is causing the hum.

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Thanks for that.

I’ve just re-connected the KEF speakers and sub, and there’s no buzz at all, so this must mean it’s the Tannoys (though the buzz wasn’t there before, at least not as audibly).

I’ll try the Tannoys again later, and go through the inputs on my amp one by one and see if that works. Not too confident or sure about the known earth option, though.


Eliminated buzz with Tannoys connected. The KEF sub was the culprit.
Once it’s connected to either my AV amp or the SN3 the buzz is completely absent.

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