Sn3 + kef kc62

So, twenty four hours later and I’ve come to the initial conclusion that my Tannoy Eatons really don’t need a subwoofer.

It all sounds way too bloated, and that’s with much tinkering with and tweaking of the KEF’s settings, positioning and placement in the room.

It’ll resume duties in the AV set up. Though, I am tempted at some point to give it another go in my 2ch system using the LS50 Metas (currently the rears in my surround system) with it. Maybe the all KEF config would offer more synergy than the Eatons and sub did.

The Tannoys are pretty big speakers and they handle the lower end frequencies, and the integration with the mids and trebles really well. The KC62 mostly got in the way and unbalanced everything. That said, a few tracks actually worked. Or rather, with say electronic music, it was harder to work out the overload of bass, than when listening to Paul McCartney’s Ram, for example.

Loads of tweaking and faffing about might have led to a better outcome but it’s taken me long enough to get the Eatons sounding right (toe-in, positioning in the room, trail and error with the treble and energy settings). Time to enjoy some music!