SN3/NDX2...and after?

I would need your knowledge and advice on the Naim product line which I see as I browse with great interest here.
My current configuration: SN3 + HCDR + NDX2 + XPSDR + Focal Spectral 40th.
To advance a bit and optimize this configuration, should I go to ND555? + 555PS? Isn’t that a bit too much for SN3?
Thanks everyone.

555PS on an NDX2 is fairly common with some very positive reviews on here.

I guess the question of whether the NDX2/555PS or 555/555PS makes sense for you depends on whether the SN3 is your end game, or not? The SN3 is a fine amp, and whilst I do adhere to “source first” it would certainly not allow you to enjoy everything your source can provide.

I have a similar setup to yourself at present (SC on the SN3 tho) and have decided to add the 555PS and then upgrade to separate pre and power amps which may, or may not be Naim.

As with anything it depends on your ears and your room so absolutely demo first!

Good luck


Get it all on Fraim. And then you’re done. You can go with a 555ps but honestly it’s pretty good where you are already without going up to 282/250.


Thank you for your answers.

I don’t necessarily want to add black boxes, I will try to test 555PS in demo at home.

I have a problem with Fraim … the price! I find it hard to put so much money in a piece of furniture, even if some here praise it.

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If you see it as only as a piece of furniture then i say to you that you’re making a mistake. I too had a a bit of a problem with swallowing the price, but let’s just say that’s all now forgotten about, and i do not regret it for one moment. The Fraim is the equivalent of a black box upgrade. Also a HiLine really bring things together in a very regal way (i have the same system as yourself, although different speakers).


Ok, I must have translated it wrongly with “furniture” :wink:
The problem with the Fraim, is that I can’t test it, and I really think the price is overkill.
I already have Hiline and Powerline, I will try shortly with Morgana and I just received Phantoms instead of Naca5, so I am testing different solutions…

Fair enough we all make our own choices, i’m not here to tell what to do, merely just share my own experience and pass on my opinion. I took the risk and glad i did. Looking back, knowing what i know now, i would’ve gone for full Fraim before i went the XPS DR route. Of course that’s neither here or there. Enjoy your new cables.


I have the 555 and SN3 HiCap. When I did the demo the SN3 was more than capable of showing the difference between an NDX2 and ND555. Obviously I am not hearing the full capabilities of the source and the price difference is significant. For me it was worth it. You’d need to make your own call. Either way, you’ll enjoy it I’m sure.


Much as the Supernait is a great integrated amp, your source is more than good enough to justify a separate pre/power amp, I would say up to 252/300 level. That would mean upping the box count from your existing 2 to 3 or 4 though. Source first is all very well, but it’s more cost effective to keep it balanced and you are nowhere near mullet territory here.


True. But then one may need to factor in two Fraim racks also. :scream:

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Maybe heading in that direction, but with no other sources that could be 5 or 6 boxes total, so I’d say still doable in a single stack.

Thank you for your answers.

It is sure that separate boxes would improve the quality, but, for lack of space and … money, I will try to go to the end of what the SN3 can give me. Especially since my speakers also have their limits, I just have to manage to remain logical and homogeneous.

Note that I am already very satisfied, but the quest for the Grail … :relieved:


12 years ago, I got back info hifi (and back into Naim, in fact). I started small (Supernait 1 fed by a Mac) and climbed to a huge tower of black boxes with Ovators. Always because there was something I wasn’t quite happy with - or because others said I was missing out. If you are satisfied, enjoy the music. There’s a lot to be said for the NDX2 and Supernait 3 level - it gels in a way you don’t get without spending lots of money! Have you tried network improvements, like the EE 8switch?


I will already take a more detailed look at this forum on what this EE 8 switch might bring, thanks.

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Hi WhiskyGuy, how does the SN3 sound with the SC, and has the headphone out improved with the better power supply ? I have a SC on a 282, and was considering downsizing to a SN3 due to a change in circumstances (will change the speakers for something easier to drive at the same time). I would like to keep the SC as it visually matches the rest of the boxes and is a sunken cost now in any case. Cheers.

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If keeping the box count down is a requirement, your idea of getting an ND555 may the the right decision for you. Obviously you will be getting nowhere near the full potential out of a 500 series source by feeding it into an amp at the entry level to the Classic series, but that doesn’t mean it will sound bad. Ultimately there’s no escaping the fact that as you climb the ladder with Naim you gain more boxes. That’s part of the reason I moved away from Naim amplification in my main system as I just don’t like the clutter in my living space, but we all have different views on this.


The SN3 is very capable and if a low box count is a priority then there’s always more performance to be added with cables and mains optimisation etc. In the end though there’s no getting away from the fact that in Naim world, more boxes usually brings better performance. Of course, the real question is, how much performance do you need? SN3/HiCap and one of the streamers with a power supply and some great speakers is possibly all the system you’ll ever need?


The natural upgrade would be a system like this:

NDX2 with 555DRPS
282 HiCapDR

You’d have the NAPSC which can go under the rack. So effectively a 5 box system if you exclude the NAPSC.

Or you could go full throttle 252, Supercap DR.

Or if you want full monty 552 DR with 300 DR or 500DR and ND555 with 555DR PS.

Always look at your end game system. What is it that you want ultimately?

If you want fewer boxes then perhaps Naim is not the answer.

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Ndx2/555Ps/282/200 is a pretty good 4 boxer i reckon. Not perfect but a good compromise on boxes vs SQ. Im not counting the napsc which can be hidden away.

Wish Naim would bring out a higher end Supernait, say £8k. Pitch it below a 282/hi/250. A 500 size box could help isolate sensitive parts.

The fact that the SN3 runs the 200/202 very close, shows it could be done.

So many people here don’t want multiple amp black boxes set ups eg 282/napsc/hicap/250. It could prove a real success.

Load of others rivals have high end integrateds. Not everyone wants 2 fraims side by side, which is also expensive.

And it wont lead to threads like cable undressing!

Thats my 2 pence worth.I’ll get my coat.


Agree. Reason I “downgraded” to the SN3/HCDR was the box count. The odd shaped NAPSC is just irritating to live with in the context of 282/202 preamp.

I would skip 202/200 or 282/250 and go straight into 252/SC/250DR if I want to move up from SN3/HCDR.