SN3 / NDX2- One remote to rule them all?

Hi guys

Just picked up the NDX2. Ive been a die hard vinyl lover forever. This is my first foray into streaming.

Is there a way to just use one remote for volume? Right now I have to use my SN3 remote for volume?

Pretty new to Naim and streaming too so appreciate the help.

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Yes, you need to connect the 3.5mm plugs between the NDX2 and the SN3 and enable system automation through the app. Then use the NDX remote to control the volume on the SN3.

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You need a cable with small jack plugs between ndx2 and the amp. Activate in the ndx2 app settings, system automation.


Thanks guys :pray:t2:

Will try tomorrow!

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It does not need to be a fancy expensive cable, any cheap one will do.

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