SN3 or XS2+HC2+Nap200

Hi All,
I am running now XS2+HC2 with Kef LS50 meta and KC62 sub.
I listened at a music shop to same configuration but with SN3… wow. Major difference.
For the same money - ~$3000 I can trade in the XS2 and HC2 with new SN3… or add new NAP200 and use existing HC2 and XS2 as the pre.
What do you think?

One consideration though… I own a Cyrus Signature phonostage which I like very much… so the MM output on the SN3 is a bit pointless.

What would you prefer?
Naim characteristic that I like

Thank you in advance :pray:t2::pray:t2:

If you go for the 200 I would trade the Nait for a separate preamp which should give much better results, especially given that you already have a Hicap. The obvious choice would be a 202. A Supernait would be simpler being a one box amp, but good though it is, personally I would take separates every time.


If you think your going to end up with a 282 at some point keep the hicap and get the 200… if not I’d go for the simplicity of the sn3 to be honest - I’d be surprised if there was much in it either way sound wise….

If you don’t need the phono stage you could save a ton of money by getting a used SN2…

The other option is to get the 200 and also sell the xs and pick up a used 202/NAPSC - a 202/HC/200 is a killer sounding rig…

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Hi. Depends on your longer term plan. If you eventually wish for a 282 - way better than a 202 - then get the 200. However, if you think that an integrated amp is what you wish for the future then get the SN.

After moving from 250dr/72/Hicap dr to a bare SN3 I fully recomend the SN3.It is a brilliant music producer.


Thank you all.
I did mention that I have a sub KC62 that is connected through the XS2 sub-out output.
Does Naim preamps have this option?

Reading all the replies, no one suggested to keep the XS2 as preamp only…
Does it mean that SN3 sound will be better than the 200/XS2/HC2 combo?

As Lindsay said above, it would make sense to get the 200 if you later plan to get a Naim 202 or 282. If not, get the SN3. It’s not just about which is ‘better’ but which makes sense as a system. The dedicated preamps do not have sub outs, other than the 122 or 152. You can see exactly what has what by looking at the Naim website.

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Worth considering NAC152XS [preamp with sub out], HC2 and NAP200.

Or even better, NAC152XS, your HC2 on upgrade 1, and a NAP200DR.

I must ask… what will be the big difference between XS2+200+HC2 and 152XS+200+HC2?
At least I start with just adding 200 and then upgrade to 152XS?

Will the XS as Pre perform that horrible?

I had the Nait XS. When I went to NAC152XS and NAP155XS, I lost the ‘puppyfat’. The sound became more articulate, more the essence of Naim.

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I wouldn’t replace the XS with a 152, you’d need at least a 202 to get an improvement.

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I tried to help. No sub out on 202 according to HH. So I suggested a pre which does.

Argh okay.

You can use a high level connection into your sub, which often gives better results and takes the feed from the soeaker terminals. Otherwise I believe the low level connection can be taken from one of the Hicap outputs rather than direct from the preamp.

I totally agree. This is exactly the route I took. Including that I run a Cyrus Signature with PSX R2. (See setup in Profile)
It sounds amazing!

Ok. Last update.
Changed the KEF LS50s meta and sub with Proac D2R. Now the sound is much more big, dymanic, nice bass all around. The mid is much backward comparing to the Kef but… different sound altogether.
I recently the SN3 to try.
Replaced it with the XS2+HC2(non DR) and was sure that all the goodie will be even better…
But… sound is much more big and presence… bass is too dramatic.
I suspect that the SN3 is more bassy than the XS2 and the Proac D2R bass is bassy as it is.

Can I plug in the HC2(non DR) to try the effect of the sound?
I suspect that the Hicap will do good the lower bass sound. More refine.

Please suggest :pray:t2:

Can you move the loudspeakers forward and play a bit with toe-in?

Now it is 40mm with toe in.
Not sure I will be alowed to push more :wink:

Anyway, sound too crowded with the SN3… the XS2+HC2 gives more freely magical sound… less loaded…

Any explanations?