SN3 plus NDX2 250DR vs272 250dr ndx2

Im very curious about how this comparison will turn out. I have all the boxes and simply have to swap some cables.
Im charmed with my SN3 ndx2 combination. Its smooth articulate and robust. However, im just so curious about how the two compare. There are pluses on the sn3 side with the ndx2’s capabilities however i have a sneaking suspicion that the 272 beats the sn3 as a pre? And if i run the ndx2 into the 272 as streamer what will the results be? I could throw an HE in there as well for yet another level of pre/ streamer. Who wants to come over?

Whatever floats your boat fella.

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You have a great streamer and a great power amp. Why hobble their performance by running them with a compromised preamp stuck in a box with power supplies, streamers, etc. when you could sell all the redundant bits snd get a proper preamp?


Yup. There is truth in that.

I’d second the thoughts re selling the redundant components and seeking a good pre loved 282 / HiCap.
I think anything else is going to be compromised.

Not having had the identical mix I preferred 272/250DR over SN3/ND5XS. With your specific proposal I would 100% move towards 282/252. The 272 need XPSDR or 555PSDR to really shine. The 272 streaming platform has also reached its end few years back.

Ok- So i have begun the the mix and match test so far- and i was thinking to myself, can the 250dr really improve the sn3 that much? Im running sn3 hicap dr ndx2 into 250dr and i cant believe how good it sounds. I understand the redundancy of the sn3 and why didnt i just Get a 282, well curiosity killed the cat, and yes i believe all of you now. Its almost like i didnt believe that separating functions and power supplies would really add up to much.

I added the 252 to my SN2 first, using the SN2 as a power amp. It gave a big uplift in resolution, sound stage and dynamic range. But when I swapped the SN2 out for a 250 DR the increase in drive, scale and control over the speakers was remarkable. The 252/250 really is well ahead of the SN, which I really liked and consider to be excellent value for money.

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Considering that the 252/250 costs £16,500 and the Supernait 3 £3,800, you’d rather hope that the former was considerably better. It’s more than quadruple the price, and the fact they can be mentioned in the same breath surely says something about the quality of the Supernait.

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Go and do the test and see if you think the pre in the 272 beats the SN3.

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The 272 edged the sn3 by a little but the sn3 using the 250 as power amp brings it within a whisper. I have fully committed to making the most of my sn3 combo and have sold the 272/250 combo. I like the two box system of ndx2 sn3 with hicap.

The 272 really wakes up with XPSDR or 555PSDR.

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As a SN3+HCDR owner, which step gives the most uplift?

  1. 282/HCDR+SN3
  2. SN3/HCDR+250DR

For me it was the adding of the NAC 282 first to my SN 2 and that gave a tremendous list. Others have reported that they did the NAP 250 DR first and they had a tremendous lift.

Best to demo at dealer and then make a decision. …or if you are buying used gear and heading in the separates direction you may want to go with the first one that comes available at at the right price.

If you use the search feature and type in ‘adding 282 to SN’ you see 50 + threads appear and you may find what others have commented there.

If you use the search feature and type in ‘adding 250 to SN’ you see 50 + threads appear and you may find what others have commented there.

Good luck with your decision.


I went 252 first, as that was what was available second hand. Much more detail, resolution and soundstage. Then when I added the 250, that was the big uplift in dynamics and weight.

As Seakayaker says, if going second hand, either route is fine - grab what comes up. If going new, I’d start with the pre-amp first, as it’s higher up the music reproduction chain.


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