SN3 Popping sound on change of source

Having just moved my system onto a new rack, I am now getting a double pop whenever I change source on the SN3. This occurs whether the change is made via the app, the remote or using the buttons. It occurs on all input buttons irrespective of whether there is actually a source connected to that input.

It is a constant volume despite any volume control changes; even with the volume control at the “zero” position. However it does not occur if mute is enabled.

There must be a connection with having rebuilt the system but I cannot think what. Everything appears to be connected the same way and the connections appear to be properly seated.

It definitely did not do this before.

Any thoughts?

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Update: I disconnected the HiCap and the noise went away or at least was greatly reduced to a barely noticeable level. Any ideas what the cause could be?

I would carefully reattach all interconnects and snaics from the hicap. Make sure the snaics are attached at both ends with the DIN locking rings tightened. All interconnects should be the opposite i.e. locking rings unused, with the DIN’s just pushed in to make contact.
Be careful with cable dressing - easier said than done.
Then try again. Hicap switched on first, then SN3.


Thank you Robert. I had tried that but I have just done it again and paid especial attention to the lock nuts and rat’s nest and all is well. Phew! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s great. All’s well that ends well.
I’m guessing there was a poor connection somewhere, or 2 wires interfering with each other. Perhaps simply a din wasn’t seated perfectly.

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