SN3 v XS3

Hi guys.

Just wanted to know if anyone did some extensive listening to both the new integrated amps. Would appreciate their thoughts and feedback.

Can’t audition the. Back to back unfortunately. Have the XS3 on loan and I’m smitten.

Have you searched the forum for previous posts on these amps? There’s no shortage.

Sorry new to this. Will do searches.

Best mate, there is loads here from experienced naim owners about the amps, pros,cons of each etc. The price difference reflects the fact they are two very different beasts. Bear in mind whichever you go for, that choice will strongly influence the other gear you buy to go with it.i have the xs3 and am very happy.

One thing to bear in mind is your speakers, which really aren’t up to the standard of either Naim amp. Your CD is also relatively basic, though not an issue if the P8 is your main source. The SN3 would show the CD up I suspect. If you got the SN3 could you afford to improve the CD and speakers? Think of the system as an integrated whole.

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