SN3 vs 282/HiCapDR/250DR

I’m surprised there isn’t this thread yet.
I went from a NDX/SN2 to a 272/250DR to a UQ2 into a naim dac, nac72, HiCapDR, 250DR.

Now wondering - sell the lot and get a NDX2/SN3? Or save up for a 282.

TBH - I’ve had a 282 before and didn’t miss it much when I went from a 282 to a 72…

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I recently moved from 272/250DR to NDX2 282/HCDR 250DR.

It really is a significant step ‘up the ladder’.


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Is the NDX2 significantly better than a UQ2/Naim Dac?

Probably not is what I’m guessing…

I only ever used the Ndac XPS with the NDX and, imho, the NDX2 XPSDR beats it.


Much has been written about the relevant performance of the 282vs 272 and the only conclusion is no conclusion. Ostensibly the 282/250 as a 3 box configuration is going to provide the greater musical experience over the SN3 but you really need an extensive demo if for no other reason to justify to yourself that £8k for the separates is worth the outlay.



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For a low box count, an NDX2 with an XPS DR into a SN3 will be hard to beat. The source first approach will show the results, provided amplification is enough for the speakers.


You could consider the 202/200 too if you are thinking of the SN3.


I’m running a nd555/552/500 - so this is for a second system (which will get a lot of use)…
Should optimize for low box count.

Nova, or SN2 and NDX2, depending on budget, would be me. I have a Nova in my second system.

Or even just the bare NDX2 and SN3. I am really happy with mine.


Certainly, best 2 box option!


I’m very curious about these combo’s as well. Dream system either way w/Titan 505’s not sure which system would be a better match(I can’t demo easily). Hopefully not too much of a “mullet”

Yeah - that’s the thing - in my second system - I’ll probably have to spend a little too much to either go up to a 282 instead of a 72 (with marginal gains) or to go a NDX2/SN3.

UQ2/NaimDac/72/Hicap/250 sounds amazing - specially when I use a Rega RP6 I to the 72. If I sell the whole thing off - I’ve probably paid of 60% of the cost of a NDX2/SN3 - and taken a step down probably sound wise…

Your second system would be my first system! lol

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what cable do you use between the UQ and the NDAC?

I would keep the system as it is…

Just the Naim bnc - bnc cable. Yeah / doing nothing…

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