SN3 Vs Nac202+Nap200 dr

On the money.


I had the opportunity to listen to the SN3 at my dealer’s, and compared to the XS3, some substantial differences emerged, even though the sound timbre remains close between the two integrated amplifiers:

  1. Greater sound presence and speed; instruments come in with a stronger impact.
  2. Greater stage presence and a livelier soundstage, especially in the bass.
  3. More detailed dynamics.

For the rest, I hope the SN3 can perform excellently even at low volumes because I often listen to music in the evenings.

Now, if I have the chance, I’ll listen to the 202/250DR, but the Supernait 3 has definitely convinced me.


202/200, 282/200, 282/250, anything but 202/250. They just don’t pair well at all.


I think the SN3 sounds excellent on low volumes, as I listen like that often at night.


@ChrisSU typing error, I meant 202/200 dr :slight_smile:

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@Bassman53 thanks you took away bad thoughts

I’m glad you had a good experience with the SN3, I think it’s a great all rounder and it’s an important step up compared to the XS3. I do agree with all the 3 points you said. However I still don’t understand how some people can’t tell them apart, they are very different even though you can feel that they come from the same brand.


@Blacknote i go a little off-topic, in a previous comment you indicated that you own a quadraspire rack, can I ask you which model you are using? I would like to take some qplus advance for the ndx2, many recommend the qplus reference but they are much more expensive

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Sure! I have the simplest one, the Q4 Evo. I wonder how much difference one can get with the better SVT Performance (this one should match the QPlus Advanced you were talking about).

If you have the chance, you should try and compare the QPlus range, otherwise I’m pretty confident that the QPlus Advance could be enough for both of us (I’m already pretty happy with the Q4 Evo). The QPlus Reference is much more expensive, so I do wonder if it’s worth the stretch (maybe with a better system, who knows). I hope you’ll consider the QPlus for the amp as well.

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Yes. 2 years ago, here in the USA, you’d be hard pressed to find a 252 under $6k. Now they are available for $2,500-$3,000 and not selling fast.

I’ve only seen 282s in that price range.

Available right now on USAudioMart is a 252 for $3,300 and another at $3,000. The one at $3,000 was available last week for $2,500, but the seller relisted it back at $3,000. The same seller has a 282 for sale at $2,000. Although, missing the NAPSC.

If you actually do the research you’ll see that they have fallen in price substantially.

I see three 282s over there, all over $3k. Only one 252 at $3300 and no serial number advertised and no pictures, I stand by my assessment

You might want to look again. The listings are there. I don’t understand what your assessment even is. The fact is they are all sitting for sale for less than what they used to sell for and no one is buying them. Who cares what the serial number is? If you buy a 252 for $2,500 and pay $1k for a full service you still have a fully serviced 252 for $3,500. That’s a lot less than what they were selling for less than 2 years ago.

If you listed a Honda Civic at $100k and it sits unsold does that mean it’s worth $100k? I think it speaks volumes that 252s are sitting on the market at $3,000 or less.

There are no 252s being sold for $3k or less, and no 282s in that price range either as I already explained.

Also, 252 full service in the USA is $1895, not $1k.

I’m convinced his 222 was faulty/not run in/hooked up wrong, based on his comments.

Re the 202/200, I never got on with these amps, they just don’t have any warmth or sound stage. I’d go SN or 282/250 if funds allow.


Me Sir :grin:

Back then I had both early 282 and serviced 82.
Lately I came by a late serial 282, it was by far the better machine, the very early 282 wasn’t even close to mentioned 82.

Serials are very important IME.


Is it within guidelines for me to post links to those specific for sale listings? If so, I can do so because you seem to have an issue finding them on your own. Search NAC252 and NAC282 instead of just the numbers themselves. You seem to not want to find them for obvious reasons.

Not everyone uses AV Options. Naim NA is much cheaper and faster for getting equipment serviced.