SN3 vs Nait XS2

My current amp is a Nait XS2 and a fine amp it is indeed. But I just got back from my local dealer with a SN3 on home demo. Safe to say I think it’s is a keeper :smiley: While I was in the shop he hooked up a Hicap to it and blimey what an uplift that was.
While I was listening in the shop I picked a few tracks that I know my Nait struggles with but the SN3 handled them all with ease. The control, grip, separation and soumdstage are so much more impressive with the SN3. It goes back next Saturday but I think I’ll be walking out the door with another one.


Enjoy! I have done exactly the same upgrade last year. No regrets here at all. :rofl: :+1:


Sam or Daniel?


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You want to hear the difference a Hicap makes if you haven’t already


I was wondering if the SN3 would perhaps show up my turntable (Michell Syncro/RB808/DV20X2L plus Rega Aria) but no, a good uplift on that too and London Grammar - Californian Soil has never sounded so good.


I think Naim have really hit the nail square on it’s head with the SN3 - probably go down as one of their best selling classic black box of all time - it simply does everything one requires and more…:thinking:


I haven’t heard the XS2, but I’ve got the SN3 + HCDR. It’s a simply superb 2-box solution. It sounds great, runs cool, and is easy to situate.

It’s really really hard to beat for money. It does so many things right.


I’m loving the SN3 but there are a couple of niggles…

It would be great if there was some sort of tactile feedback when the Balance knob is perfectly centred, I mean I know it looks like it is dead on 12 o’clock but is it really at 11:59 or 12:01 :grin:

Also, why are the phono inputs not colour coded? My Rega Aria has red and white phono sockets for the feed out but it doesn’t say which is left and which is right. Is red=right and white=left a universal standard?


There are some mixed opinions here about adding the Hicap to the SN3 , but I look forward to the day when I add one to my SN3.

Hope you don’t have to wait too long for your new purchase.

Is there really much dissenting opinion regarding adding a HCDR to a SN3? I thought it was a great uplift.

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Yeah some people here dont like what it adds, or it doesnt do enough.

Yep, nearly everyone else makes right red, left white. Naim insist on making you work out what channel it is etc. It’s as if they have a point to make about RCA connectors. They’ll let you have them , but you ought to use din.
Good point about the balance indent. Everyone does that too. It’s as if they know it’ll not be centered at 12 O’clock.

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The Nait XS2 has them colour coded so why not the SN3?

If you hear a difference that is all that matters. I’ve got two HCDRs on my 282. I can hear a difference. And no, I’m not going SCDR, just in case…

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Agree… dr hicap made a worthwhile lift to sn3 but I’d say it’s not essential and not as a big change as it was to a sn2.


You’ve ended up at exactly the same place I did, I went from Xs2 with HCDr to SN3, kept the HC and also added an Aria when I bought it.

Could easily live with the inbuilt phono stage on the SN3, it is superb.

I’m in the minority but prefer mine in stealth mode with all the display turned off, same on my Cdx2-2. Some of it is exactly because of looking at the balance pot and thinking “is it centred” with lights off never think about it.

Glad to hear Grammar sounds good, I’ve found it to be one those albums that really improves with familiarity, thought it was ok to begin with but now a firm favourite.



Alas I don’t have the HCDR, that will have to wait a bit longer. The phono stage is no use to me because my turntable has a low output MC cart.

The balance knob beeing visually perfectly centered does not necesseraly mean that the balance is 50/50, as the Alps pot has some tolerances. Just use a perfectly recorded track to adjust the balance knob. This will also compensate for room reflections you might have, and will allow you to get the center image just right.

The only thing one can complain about is that the knob is not consistent among units. You could have 3 Supernaits and the perfect balance would be at 3 slightly different locations on each unit.

The Supernait 3 is a superb amp and i am confident you will enjoy it with all its idiosyncracies.

Oh I’m enjoying it alright :smile: Especially as herself is away for a couple of nights so I have a free choice of music and can give it plenty of beans!
That said I’ve just looked at the volume knob and it is only at 9 o’clock

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