SN3 with Nap300

Has anyone upgraded theit Supernait3 with an nap300? Im curious as ive been offered a good price on an nap300 dr- my streamer is ndx2. I think i knoq here this is heading….

Apart from such a system being a bit light in the source and especially the pre-amp for the NAP300, you also have the issue that the Supernait3 only offers a single pre-out, whereas the NAP300 requires two pre-outs. You would need to have a HICAP or SUPERCAP powering the Supernait3’s pre-amp stage - a better idea performance-wise. I guess it will boil down to where you are heading with the system. If it’s just a step towards somewhere else with a more suitable source and pre-amp in the near future then it might make some sense, but otherwise I would spend the money differently in upgrading the system here.

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I am sure this is not a great idea.

Imho, a 300 will show up lack of subtlety and space in an 82/282/ 272, and its extra grip would be wasted. To me, a 300(DR) is a much better fit with 52/252 or even 552.


I was running a Supernait 3 with Hicap DR as the pre for a 300DR sourced by an NDX2. As an upgrade over the pure SN3 it was significant. When I replaced the SN3 with a HC/282 on pre-amp duties I realised what I’d been missing in terms of subtlety and detail. I’ve followed an idiosyncratic upgrade path to get to this point but each step has revealed more and extracted more juice form the squeeze, doing it this way has helped make best use of funds as well.


If it worked, that’s all that counts.


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