SN3 with NDX2 - upgrade?

Been a while since I last posted.

I have been very happy with my SN3 and NDX2 for the last few years. They feed into Kudos Titan 606 speakers with most music streamed via Quobuz or SACD via my Oppo 103 Blu ray (great for recording SACD!)

I had quite adamantly stated before that I would not need to upgrade but with the new classic series I find myself pondering. I do not have any issues that need addressing with my current set up but just wonder what is possible. I have no intention of upgrading speakers so options are purely the Naim gear.

Maximum possible dream from a financial point is the 200 series.

I suppose one option is to add the NPX 300 to the NDX2 (£5,700).
Another is the NAP 250 to the SN3 (£5,700).
Or add both to at the same time (£11,400).

The last option might be to trade in the SN3 and NDX2 and go all out for the 3 box 200 series (£11,400 plus £5,700 minus trade in - £12,000 - £13,000)?

Obviously I could add the PSU and Power amp to existing equipment and then trade in later.

What thoughts do you good people have on the matter?

I haven’t heard the 200 series so I can’t say anything definitive but I will point out I’ve seen at least one 200 series trade in at a dealers. So even though it’s early remember that while it won’t come up often yet, there might be 2nd hand opportunities.

Thank you for the response but I should have been clear that I mean the brand new 200 series, not the classic.

I know that it goes against many on here but I personally do not buy second hand/pre-loved gear. It is just a thing that I have always bought brand new with everything (except my house) and now in my sixties, I don’t see that changing any time soon!

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I totally understand that it can definitely be reassuring to buy new. I was just mentioning it because considering it had only been available a few months the nc 200 series I saw had to be close to mint and someone was able to buy it for a substantial discount because it was briefly preloved :joy:. Maybe you can get a home demo of the different options you are considering? It’s always best to try at home with your speakers/room if you can.

Yes, I will certainly get an audition before actually buying but I am very much at the ‘investigation’ stage at the moment :wink:

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Try Exposure 5010

I will stick with Naim - either without upgrading or one or all of my potential paths listed previously.

You might try a Hicap DR into your SN3 and XPS DR into your NDX2 first. You might even be able to find some new ones.


I agree with your view JFK

I have the NDX2/XPS2/SN3/HICAPDR combo

HICAP and XPS make a significant improvement in the overall SQ and highly recommended

I haven’t bothered going to the XPS DR as the 2 does it for me

I’m sure there are still new XPS’s and HICAP’s out there , it’s a great upgrade rather than a complete change


With the 606 you could go active with sn3/250 but you would need hicaps and a snaxo.

Where do you live bjm ?

If you have a dealer I recommend a home demo of the 222/250. They are shockingly good on their own and imo quite a bit better than what you have now. Trade in will make it less painful too. If funds aren’t an issue get the 300 as well. If it turns out you don’t like the NC you can go XPSDR on your streamer or HCDR on your SN without too much fuss.

Well yes there are a number of options that will emerge over the next year or so

It’s just me but I believe a streamer/dac should be just that rather than incorporating a preamp also

Maybe if the OP wishes to keep box count to 3, personally I would be going for the new classic NSS 333 streamer with the NPX 300 PS and hold onto the SN3 at this stage and see what happens to an updated new classic SN3 ( hopefully will be one ) down the track

Assuming funds not restrictive of course

And I a believe an amp should be an amp and not incorporate at preamp. :smiley: The SN is the weak link in that line up. There’s nothing like a stand alone amp in a Naim set up. And the new 250 is a big improvement over the 250DR which was a big improvement over the SN.

It would be a shame to lose the NDX2 from your set up and from what’s been said on the forum, the 222 isn’t of the same quality. A big part of the decision (I’m in the same boat) is how much of an improvement a HICAP/SUPERCAP and XPS would make to your SN3 & NDX2. But you’d then have four boxes… Alternatively find a good second hand (or a deal on a new one, they may be around…) pre-amp and use that into the SN3, then get a power amp to replace the SN3 (if you need to do it in stages).

For me, I think I’m edging towards the NPX300 on the NDX2 but I’d want to demo it first…


Fair enough we all have our preferences

Source first approach for me

Me too except when it doesn’t work. It sounds like the OP is wanting to upgrade so he should try a 222/250, it’s a better SQ set up. Everyone I know here who’s listened to the setup are moving on from their classic setup. The guy I bought my 250DR from is buying it back from me for what I paid for it and will move his SN3 on.

Yep the OP should try the 222/250

But not for me that’s all

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I live in North Warwickshire, UK

Very interesting! However that would be £13,600 minus whatever I could get for my NDX2 so I imagine I would pay about £10,000.

While that may be acceptable, it wouldn’t feel like an end game. I just know that I would have to upgrade the SN3 or at least the preamp with the 300 series (£7,900) and eventually then get rid of the SN3 and use a new NAP250 (£3,700 after trade in?). That would bring the total to £21,000+ which I would never be able to square with SWMBO!

It would be a very fine 4 box system though.

If I went for NSC222/NPX300/NAP250 the total would be approx £13,000 after trade ins which is more palatable but still a major challenge for me to get past my better half!

Famous words stated here so many times over the years and always reneged on - I want this to be my final upgrade.

As you can see, I have only concentrated on price so far just get an idea on my best course of action. I would appreciate some honest opinions on exactly what sonic benefits/changes I could expect with each.

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