Snaic 5 and CDX2

I have had my system in storage for a while for home improvements and I am putting it back together today. I am having some trouble with my CD player (CDX2). My recollection is that the Snaic 5 (with green band at CDX2 end) connects the CDX2 to the pre-amp, but I am struggling to get the Snaic 5 to connect to the socket in the CDX2. I am wondering if the Snaic 5 or the socket is damaged in some way, or it may be just my general clumsiness in trying to insert the Snaic. Has anyone else had this problem or has anyone got some advice?


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Not a SNAIC - !!! SNAIC’s are either 4 pin or 5 pin/240 deg DIN’s.
The CDX2 output is a 5pin/180 deg DIN.

(Fingers crossed you have not damaged anything… :thinking:)

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You need an interconnect cable not a SNAIC5. This should be thin and grey in colour with a 180 degree pinout.

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Thanks, I’ve been looking at the FAQs already and I thought from reading the section on Snaics and interconnects that the cable below was the correct one.


But it doesn’t seem to fit, unless I’m doing something wrong, which is more than possible.

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That’s a SNAIC. Interconnects are 180 degree pinout.

The top pic of the FAQ link I posted is an interconnect.

Apologies, I am think I am confusing the names. It is the standard Naim interconnect I have been trying to connect to the CDX2 (top pic on the link you supplied). I will have another go and see if I can connect it.

That … is a (Black) SNAIC-5… to be used between a HiCap and other things… mostly… :grin:

You need a Grey/Lavender normal Naim Interconnect… or similar…

The DIN on the CDX2 is mounted on the skewiff. This means, assuming the you are facing the front of the player, that the little grub screw (that holds the body of banded end of the standard interconnect’s plug together) will be tilted slightly down to the right.

As ever, a pic would probably help…

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Hold my Beer…

The official Naim portrait… of the CDX2’s rear…!!

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Thanks very much for the replies and help given. Yes, I have been mixing up the SNAIC leads and the interconnects. I have now managed to sort out the problem.


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