Snaps - 32.5/62

Will a Snaps power a 32.5 or a 62?

Yes, you just need to have the 5 pin link plugged fitted to the pre-amp. You’ll use a SNAIC4 to connect SNAPS to either pre-amp.


Thank you

A SNAPS will also power a 42.5 or 72, in the same way - with the 5 pin DIN Link Plug fitted.

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Just a report back.

I’ve only run my 62 and 32.5 with a HiCap and have always been happy.
The HiCap has been playing up lately so I swapped it out for a Snaps whilst the HiCap gets sent off for a service.

Wow, there is such a positive difference, how is this when the HiCap should be better?
The music is closer or just more detailed. The HiCap may well be back in the attic system with my 62 when it comes back.

The only thing is my OCD needs the LED changing to green :slight_smile:

I would wait until the HICAP returns from a service. Even the internal power amp supply is preferable to a poor or poorly HICAP.

For all that though, it’s worth bearing mind that a HICAP demands a lot more of the source and system setup, otherwise it can make things sound weightier yet slower and a little ponderous.


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