I have a CB 42/160 combo, recently serviced by Naim (PAPS fitted).
I’ve been recommended to provide a separate power supply for the 42 eg SNAPS, HICAP, etc.
However, some say a SNAPS would not be much of an improvement, but a HICAP would.
But when I look at HICAPS I run into connection issues - mine are 4-pin only.
So, two questions really, would a SNAPS be a waste of time, and will a HICAP connect to a 4-pin system?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

Old manual for you … at least this should help with the connections.

An early pre '93 Hicap offers the choice of a dual-rail 24V supply on a DIN5 or a single-rail 24V on a DIN4, the latter enabling it to be used on earlier single-rail pre-amps. So, a Chrome bumper or early olive Hicap, should be fine. There is one caveat, however; when these older Hicaps are serviced, unless requested otherwise, the single-rail supply is often removed, as this improves dual-rail performance. So you would need to check to be sure…

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The NaimWisdom © at the time, was that the SNAPS was fine - and using a HiCap (single rail) was overkill. I had a SNAPS with my 42-110 - and later with my 42-250.

The -5 Preamps - which fully utilised the HiCaps dual rails, arrived a little later.

Thanks, these replies give me exactly the information I need.

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