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Hi all, I am new to Naim so I am hoping that there are some wise heads here who can help me out. I am trying to help out a friend who has moved house, she has a linn turntable connected to a NAC 32 pre amp, with a Snaps power supply and what i believe is an NAP 140 amp. The problem is that the pre amp isnt getting any power at present, as far as can see it is wired correctly but to no avail. Both the Snaps and amp have power, so in my head there must be a problem with the output/pre amp or it is wired incorrectly. Could anyone tell me exactly how it should be connected so i can be sure that at least that is /isn’t the issue. I work exclusively with B&O stuff so any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance

Assuming this is a single rail SNAPS, you should have the 32 connected to the SNAPS (socket 2 to 32, socket 1 to 140) by a SNAIC4 (4 pin DIN cable). Make sure the round link plug is plugged into the far right (looking at the back) DIN socket on the 32.

Just to add - to eliminate the SNAPS for trouble shooting, you could also power the 32 directly from the 140 via a SNAIC4 as this also provides a single 24v rail to power a preamp. (Link plug still needed on the 32)

If the 32 is original, the back of it will look like this.


Connect the snaps to the right hand socket. To my knowledge no link plugs are required. This is different if the 32 is actually a 32.5, in which case you’d connect the snaps to the second socket from the right and put a link plug in the extreme right socket, which would have five pins.

The back of the snaps looks like this and the connections are written on the label, and are as James said above.

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Nigel is right - I was thinking of the 32.5 with its link plug.

Thanks so much guys, yeah that is how i have it connected at the moment. I will try powering the 32 direct from the amp and see how that goes. I will update this either way with a thanks or a cry for further help!!

Turns out the Snaps power supply has an issue, thanks again!:slight_smile:


Can you post a pic of the innards ? Could be a blown tantalum capacitor - they can fail short circuit causing the regulator to shut down. A service would sort it.

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