Snaxo 2:4 not working

Having had all the olive boxes serviced and tweaked - I am now connecting the goodies

I have 52 / Supercap , Snaxo2:4 /Super cap and two 250’s

I am struggling to get the Snaxo to power up

Having looked and looked again at the legacy cable connx It LOOKS like I have it right - but no power to the Snaxo
Any suggestions ?

Current config =

52 Brndy + Snaic5 to Super cap
Sanxo Brndy to Super Cap
Snaic4 Super Cap to Super Cap
XLR from Snaxo to each 250…

Whats missing ?

Thanks vm

try to isolate the problem.
connect only the snaxo’s supercap to it (using burndy only)and see if it powers up when you switch its supercap on.
if problem persists, swap the supercaps – i.e. use the 52’ supercap to see if this makes any difference.
Slim chance it could also be the power on indicator on the snaxo may be faulty??? I take it that when you connect it all up as in connections guide – you get no sound?
i have a snaxo242 so my advice may not be 100% applicable. good luck!

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Good advice, the SNAXO power up with the SC, without any other cable, so its the best way to check if it is powered. You should also consider that the LED Facia is dead (front facia logo), so doble check that, even if this is a really rare trouble.
If you have an Hicap try to powetr the Snaxo with an HC.

I’ve had the same configuration and use the same (but now with a 242 which is essentially the same from a connection viewpoint except for being ‘vertical’ rather than ‘horizontal’ with the speakers so speaker connections different).

The connections sound right.

Stupid questions:

  1. As others have asked- is the LED working on the SNAXO ?
  2. Does the switch on the SNAXO ‘click’ when you turn it?
  3. Which sockets did you use to connect the SNAIC4-4 lead between the two Supercaps? Were they the ones closest to the Burndy (connection 5)? (I think any of the three should work though).
  4. Are both Supercaps powered up?
  5. Have you connected to the lower ‘BI-AMP’ sockets on the back of the SNAXO (although even if connected to the top you should get the HF output)
  6. You don’t mention speaker cables…

As others have suggested you could swap Supercaps to see if the NAC 52 powers up (to disprove a faulty Supercap).

You could also try connecting up as passive, removing the SNAXO2/4 from the equation to prove the cabling to the 52 and the cables from the 52 to the 250 tested (remember to change the speaker leads and connect the passive cross over).

I once had a problem with an early CB SNAXO post service where I had no HF- the SNAXO had developed a problem post-service in transit so it does happen (and it is frustrating as hell!).

Good luck.

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