SNAXO 242 Power Supply

Hi All

Presently have a SNAXO 242 for my Kudos Titan 606s.

It is powered by a FlatCap XS. I was thinking of upgrading the PS for it and am considering the HiCap for this.

One of my thoughts is, being a half size case it could be put next to the SNAXO on the same shelf. Positions I’m thinking of are, from bottom

-SNAXO / HiCap
-Headline / EE8 switch
-Klimax streamer

There are 2 x NAPSCs under the rack, (1 x 282 / 1 x Headline)

Just enquiring if this would be a goer.

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You should keep the Snaxo away from powered boxes. I’d put in under the 282 and move the Linn down a shelf. Just put the Hicap where the Flatcap is. If you don’t want to move the Snaxo up, at least put it on the left of the shelf so it’s not immediately above a 250 transformer.

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I would be keeping the 282 on top, as in your photo.
I wouldn’t put networking equipment on the HiFi rack. Stick the switch out of the way somewhere and free up some space.


Thanks @anon4489532

Following your advice, I’ve swapped the Headline and the SNAXO over for now.


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