SNAXO 3/6 servicing?

Does anyone know what capacitors etc are fitted to the SNAXO?
I was just sorting through paperwork and found the invoice for my SNAXO 3/6 which dates from 2003, so now around 16 years old.
I’ve done a search and found loads on amps and power supplies but nothing on the SNAXO.
As I’ve already had all amps & power supplies serviced, does anyone know definitively if the crossover is worth servicing?

Current SNAXO’s are tailored towards particular speakers by Naim, so I’d personally get them to service it - I have an old Chrome bumper NAXO which I got 2nd hand with new SBLs - this made me wonder if the NAXO ought to have been configured specifically for them by the factory (it may have been but I don’t know) - I preferred the sound to an olive NAXO from memory.

Thanks Alley_Cat,
I know that the SNAXO’s are produced or “tuned” for a particular speaker but I am still wondering if they, like amplifiers and power supplies, should be serviced.
If it is a sensible thing to service, then it will go to Naim or an authorised repairer such as Class-A in Sheffield - if they do them.

Hi Blythe, my Snaxo 3/6 was serviced in 2015 and 16 radial bead capacitors and 16 axial bipolar caps and 2 axial polystyrene caps were replaced total 34 parts so pretty comprehensive.

Thanks Keltik. Did you notice any difference afterwards and had it actually failed prior to the service?

The parts that can wear out are the capacitors. The smaller non-polar caps such as polystyrene do not really wear anywhere near the rate that polar electrolytic caps can, but Naim probably change them just in case and to re-set the ‘zero’ date for the box service point.

My snaxo must be over six years old now and it does creep-up on you. I’d service after 10-12 years unless everything sounded wonderful - then I may leave it longer, but certainly if it gets near 20 years then just get it done IMO as items seem to get a welcome lift in performance and when you get it back it is so much better that you wish you had done it earlier.

It is the case that the Snaxo is in a fairly benign place in the system in that it does not tend to have inputs plugged and un-plugged as much and carries a fairly constant level signal very conditioned by the Pre.

Things that age caps are voltage spikes that break-down the internal electrolytic and cause them to leak and they get noisy and harsh. So the Snaxo may last longer without Service than other items.


I suspect I’m well overdue getting it serviced in that case Darkebear - mine was new in 2003 when I bought my NBL’s.
I’m also thinking my 252 is the same age…
Looks like I should get them both serviced.

There are two ways they age - either slowly and you don’t realise as they get softer - or sudden worsening you can’t miss.

I’m not sure which is really better, I prefer the first but the second lets you know to get it fixed!

If you get them scheduled in with Naim via Dealer while you are on holiday or otherwise away it can be fairly painless - apart from costs.


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Having sent NAP250’s and Supercaps etc before, I am sure I can find a suitable time to have it/them serviced.
I certainly haven’t noticed it suddenly going off but after hearing the system at the Naim at Oxford Audio Consultants at the weekend, it made me wonder!

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