Snaxo 362 bmr connection

I want to connect my Ovator s400 to 2x nap250 from active crossover.

Does anyone have some pictures of Ovator crossover part?

I want to know how to remove (or bypass) passive crossover.

Does NAC252 user need 1x SCDR or 2xSCDRs?

Ovator s600 & s800 can be taken active, unfortunately s400 can’t.

I would be very interested in active s400’s if someone ever gets that working!

I am not to be trusted with technical points :grimacing: but wouldn’t a 242 snaxo be required for two way speakers rather than 362?

The problem is twofold: 1) there is no s400 base available having no passive crossover and 2) the Snaxo BMR has a different crossover point - which suits the s600 or s800.

I guess that an active ovator s400 is possible, but only using non-Naim solutions.

If the XO is in the speaker plinth, is it not possible to remove it or isolate it without risk of damage to the speaker? (I ask out of ignorance as to how the base is assembled.) And can’t Naim alter the frequency of a SNAXO (from 600 to 700 Hz or whatever it is)?

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