SNAXO 362 connection

It seems there’s some confusion regarding the connection schemes for the Naim Snaxo 362 with 3x300s. Both schematics refer to the same setup, but they are presenting it differently.

The connection scheme:

Snaxo 362 Manual Scheme:

Note: both schemas refer to the Snaxo 362 BMR.
I use the Snaxo 362 (not BMR) as the active crossover to drive DBL speakers with 3x500s.
In my setup I connected CH2 - Red to the second lower row of the Snaxo and it works fine (balance left-right also works fine), but I’m still unsure about the setup.

I would appreciate any clarification.

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The second guide is correct for BMR.

@GerryMcG GerryMcG - he said he isn’t using the BMR version.

Connections for a SNAXO 362 (NOT BMR) and NAP300;


Thanks all.
Richard, I connected exactly as described in the scheme you attached, however it looks like it doesn’t really matter as all outputs are stereo and the leads determine wether it’s left or right.

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