Snaxo 362 DBLs potty settings

Hi there,
Could possibly someone from the active DBL chaps comment or better share some pics of the original factory settings of their Snaxo 362 potties. Many thanks in advance.

I’d suggest that you are seeking advice on pot settings - as in potentiometer. A potty is something else entirely.

Germans say poti – but usually don’t spell potty :slight_smile:


There’s not a right or wrong setting for the pots
And Naim no longer set them, when my old 362 came back some years ago after being converted back to DBLs the pots were all over the place and L and R in completely different positions
mine are set to
Treble - @ virtually minimum
Mid - @ pointing straight towards the front
Bass - @ just a gnats further round than the mid

This is really going to vary a lot from person to person
The ancillary equipment, I should imagine a lot will be 500’s
But then there’s 552 or S1
And obviously the front end
S/Cap DR should be common
As would the 362 although not for me
Rooms are different
Taste in music
The sound you want

One way is to get the case off and start listening from there, the pot adjustments on the 362 are far less profound than the older Naxo so we are tweaking rather than altering the sound completely
I used to find this process would take a few weeks so I used to use a plastic bag to cover it
The other thing is once you think it’s perfect try it with different types of music you have, it will probably need a bit more adjustment

The sound will also change a bit once the case is back on

I used to find each upgrade would find me back at the pots again
Been playing with these for nigh on 20 years with Bricks, DBLs, Naxo Snaxo 362, 362 other
And all 3 power supplies



Thanks Lyndon
Im asking for several reasons but it needs some explanation. I got my Snaxo new when I stepped into active some three years ago, so very recently. Missing bass at that time I opened the Snaxo and found all six pots at their very minimum ie turned fully towards the left. I changed them to what I thought was „ better“ with the bass far to the right mid somewhere in the middle and tremble a little bit. I did then have the Snaxo and its scdr at naim for inspection/check, nevertheless. Although naim claimed all fine when it came back eversince the Bass sounded much better so I did not bother with the potty settings anymore at all. I did not even look. I refurbished the dbls meanwhile, got my S1 and only just recently turned my attention again towards the potties. What I’d like to know is what the actual factory settings should be. I don’t think all potties at their Minimum is the intended default setting from naim.

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I suggest get yourself a copy of REW software “room equalisation wizard”, which is free, and a measuring microphone (e.g UMIK-1 which is around £100 new, £60 secondhand, and easily sold on after use if you have only the one occasion to use.

You can use that to set the levels accurately for balance between drivers, or to your preference if you want different, with it taking into account the effect of the room. If the SNAXO is adjustable for phase (delay) you can optimise that as well. (With a crossover having adjustable frequencies and selectable curves you can also see the effect or tweaking those, but I don’t think that applies to SNAXO.) And while at it REW can help with optimisation of speaker and listening positions as you can see what is going on - and if appropriate you can trim the SNAXO settings after.

I find the rapid testing capability using REW, with visible presentation of the response, is far quicker than listening, making adjustments much easier and quicker to assess than by ear, though for final tweaking you need to be sure it sounds right to you - and iff different from how you expected with the visual presentation at least you can see what the difference is, making it easy then to do another time.

Thanks seems a good idea … and a new project to persue :smiley: still I’d like to know what naims default settings are … :face_with_monocle:

Hi Charlie, can’t help wondering if it would be halfway up the turn on each pot giving you good opportunity to adjust both ways. Logical, Donno’? ATB Peter
PS. It occurs to me in my fading memory, that my 242 Xover had some factory black pen markings on the pots for my then SL2s.

Hi Peter
Yes, that’s probably a safe bet to set them all in the middle and work from there, maybe even with a measuring device. As mentioned i purchased my Snaxo new but there were no marks whatsoever and all where set on the very minimum. I had a look in a brand new 342 at my dealer here a few days ago and they all had some marks and where set somewhere in between. I should have the opportunity to get a look into another brand new 362 as he has one on order that should arrive within the news weeks … so will see. Still d be nice to know other folks experience here too

Here’s mine. I’ve added a bit of LF but you can see the original setting marked in pencil. I haven’t moved the MF and HF pots from the factory settings. It’s a DBL 362 bought new. I was advised by Naim that the DBL 362 was fine to use with my Isobariks.

Many many thanks, :ok_hand: perfect that’s most valuable!

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